KBL Eyewear: The Perfect Eyewear for a Bohemian Lifestyle

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A great pair of eyewear can make a huge difference, not only accentuating your look, but it can also help you see the world better (literally) than you ever have before. There are many brands available designed for specific styles and made from different materials and qualities, and sold at different prices. That can be a bit frustrating, deciding which one truly fits your personality, style, quality standards, and budget.

KBL Eyewear Alexander Daas
source: Spectr Magazine

If you’re looking for a style that will fit your free-spirited, wanderlust, then KBL Eyewear (which stands for Kind of Bohemian Lifestyle) would be the perfect choice for you. KBL was founded in New York in 2009, and has continuously created and designed boho and urban, yet elegant inspired eyewear with a variety of models.

KBL Eyewear proudly manufactures all of their products using special laser technology to ensure quality and durability. They take pride with using only the best materials and pay special attention to the lenses they use making sure that they give extra protection, comfort, clarity, and a lightweight feel to the user. All KBL lenses are impact resistant and have both anti-reflection and anti-UV coating against harmful UV rays. KBL Eyewear only uses top Japanese Titanium making their eyewear corrosion and chemical resistant. And, a fun fact: pure and beta Titanium is one of the hardest yet lightest materials used in manufacturing eyewear. KBL  also uses the famous Japanese “patch” technique to solder the titanium which only a few manufacturers use in the world because of its complex and time-consuming method. As for their handmade frames, KBL uses cellulose acetate from natural materials like cotton and wood pulp produced from very few Italian and Japanese companies.

Today, KBL Eyewear has successfully established their brand as a “culturally defined luxury brand for people on the move”. The collection perfectly embodies the bohemian lifestyle of ambitious and passionate people who love to wander and travel with their Metropolis, architectural, and endless artistic inspired designs. A few of their famous architectural inspired pieces are Liberty Island, Gotham City, and The Hamptons. Similar to how the brand rapidly grew in many cities and spread to Europe, KBL Eyewear aims to bring their customers along their marvelous journey as they travel from place to place taking inspirations to translate the city’s nature, architecture, and arts & culture to the eyewear they create. Let’s take a look at a few of their most popular pieces:

KBL Eyewear Alexander Daas
Classy, stylish, and sleek, you can’t go wrong with KBL eyeglasses like Wish List in Havana. This frame is a great fit for the round or oblong shaped faces with its rectangular look. Featuring a unique print that subtly resembles the luminous city lights, this is definitely a statement to add whether you’re looking for an on-the-go look, or more formal attire. Check more chic KBL eyeglasses at Alexander Daas. 

KBL Eyewear Alexander Daas
This tinted beauty is one of the famous KBL sunglasses, Five to Get Ready in Vintage Orange. The warm orange, black, and brown neutral colors and tinted lens makes this a great frame for all skin tones. With its impact and scratch free feature, plus 100% UV protection, it’s durable enough for constant travel and even for busy music festivals like Coachella. Shop yours here.

KBL Eyewear Alexander Daas
Featuring a retro vintage vibe, KBL sunglasses in Dream Rush will help you achieve that celebrity-like look. Whether to the beach or even just for a simple ladies’ brunch, this transparent nude frame will perfectly complement your outfit of the day. Staying true to its model name, Dream Rush also features a cool gradient tinted lens closely resembling a dreamy misty look. Get yours now.

Other eyewear brands like New York city based Warby Parker, known for their “Buy a pair, Give a pair” features cheap


If you are looking for the perfect glasses for a bohemian lifestyle, then you might wanna check out these brands. If you are on a budget, then Warby Parker is probably your best choice. If you are looking for a long-lasting and guaranteed high-quality pair of glasses, KBL is your best pick and one of the very few luxury brands that offer top quality eyewear at a fairly competitive price. Shop your favorite KBL eyewear here.

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