How to Use Blue Light Filter for Your Pc, Mac or Phone?

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Have you ever felt tired and watery eyed after facing your computer screen for long hours? Blue light from any device or gadget can impact and disrupt your cardian rhythm causing tiredness, eye strain, and overall health problems. Let’s take a deeper look at blue light to understand it’s challenges and opportunities to help protect your eyes.

The problem with Blue Light

Blue light from your PC, Mac, or phone is part of the light spectrum that penetrates deep into the eyes. Its cumulative effects can cause serious damage to the retina of your eyes, promote age-related macular degeneration, and disrupt sleeping patterns. Sleep is part of the body’s natural biological cycle that is regulated by the amount of light our body is exposed to. Our retinas associate blue light with daytime and can sense the sun when it rises and sets as it gets dark, inducing our body’s hypothalamus to signal the production of sleep hormones called melatonin that aids with our sleeping. Being exposed to blue light at night by facing your mobile phone, Mac, or PC right before you sleep confuses our body’s internal clock causing our body to be alert and therefore can produce less melatonin, making it harder for us to sleep at night and wake up early in the morning.

Ideally, the best way to avoid the effects of blue light is to lessen your exposure to it. But in the real world, avoiding blue light–especially at night–is hard to follow. Not only do many have 9-5 work hours that involves the use of a computer, but we also spend several hours watching our favorite shows on television or Netflix, and use our mobile phones to check and update our social media profiles. Avoiding blue light simply means avoiding work and sacrificing our leisure, which is not realistic. As such, making use of the blue light filter is very important.


How to use blue light filters

If you can’t avoid blue light, one of the best approaches to remedy overexposure to blue light from your PC, Mac, or phone is to use a blue light filter to alter your screen’s color display.

Blue Light Filter for PC

Blue light filter for PC is an easy find since most of the monitors sold already have a built-in blue light filter. If you have Windows 10 installed, you’re in luck since it also has a blue light filter feature which means you do not need to buy another monitor for your PC. Microsoft added a new feature for Windows 10 in April 2017 called “Night Light,” which is Microsoft’s built-in blue light filter for PC’s. Windows 10 Night Light allows the user to reduce the amount of blue light emission by adjusting the color display to a warmer temperature. All you have to do is activate the blue light filter for PC, and you can even set a schedule for the night light to automatically turn on with your set time. Simply follow these easy steps to activate Microsoft’s blue light filter for PC.

  1. Press the Windows key and click settings.
  2. Click “System”
  3. Select “Display” option
  4. Turn on “Night Light”
  5. Click “Night light settings” if you want to configure the color temperature or set an automatic activation schedule.

Your eyes will have to adjust a while on your first try when using Microsoft’s blue light for pc feature. You’ll immediately notice the color shift if you turn on night light but your eyes will eventually adjust to the color change and it will likely become less intrusive. With the reduced amount of blue light exposure to your eyes when using Night Light at night, you’ll find your eyes less strained, which may lead to a more restful, good night’s sleep.

Blue Light Filter for MAC

Apple brought its blue light filter feature called Night Shift to MacOS in MacOS Seirra in March of 2017. Similar to Microsoft’s Night Light, MacOS’ Night shift is also very easy to turn on and configure.

  1. Simply open System Preferences
  2. Select “Displays”
  3. Click the “Night Shift” tab

On the Night Shift tab, you can customize how you want the Night Shift feature to work. You’ll have the option to automatically turn it on during your desired time or based on your location, and set the color temperature however you like. Like Microsoft’s blue light filter for PC called “Night Light’, MacOS’ Night shift will also set your screen color warmer to reduce the blue light emission.

Blue Light Filters for your Phone

If you’re one of the millions of people who constantly use their mobile phones to search, watch videos, update social media accounts, and other activities for several hours before going to bed, you’ve probably already experienced the effects of blue light at some point. To battle the effects of blue light from your phone, you might want to consider installing applications from Google Play or iOS App stores that have blue screen filter options.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses with blue light filter lenses

Aside from turning on blue light filter options, another way to block blue light is by wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses with blue light filter lenses during screen time, whether on a PC, Mac, phone, watching TV or being around artificial lights like LED bulbs which have been getting popular as room lights. 

Today, blue light filter lenses can be applied to modern eyewear frames to provide both style and eye protection. For example, these lenses can be applied to prescription glasses like the Alexander Daas St. Margherita

Blue Light filter Alexander Daas

Alexander Daas St. Margherita

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