Alexander DAAS Philanthropy


The spirit of philanthropy is deeply embedded in the culture of ALEXANDER DAAS. In addition to being involved ourselves, part of the formula is inspiring others to be involved as well.

In order to achieve this, ALEXANDER DAAS donates a percentage of its revenue from frame sales to charity. However, we don’t just simply choose to whom to donate ourselves. Our philanthropic efforts are designed to reflect the diverse interests of our partners and to inspire them to get involved; our donations are made in honor of individual retailers to charities of their choice. By making our local retailers choose, we are getting them involved in the process in hopes that philanthropy can become a bigger part of their lives. And perhaps they will get you, their customer, involved by getting your input about what charity to support…

Whether it’s an international, national, or local cause, ALEXANDER DAAS wants to make sure that together we are making a difference in what is important to local communities.

Charities selected by authorized dealers & supported by Alexander Daas: