Clip On Sunglasses | What Are They?

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Clip on sunglasses were considered neither cool nor stylish a couple of years ago because of the limited choices available for lens colors and frame styles. Clip on sunglasses were also heavily criticized because of their 90’s antique look. Interestingly, with the ever-changing fashion trend, clip on sunglasses have been resurrected. Pictures of clip on sunglasses have started to pop up all over Instagram and Pinterest, on major celebrities to social media influencers.

You’re likely thinking, “what are clip on sunglasses?” Before we go into details, let’s take a look at their history.

clip on sunglasses Alexander Daas

The Clip-On Sunglasses Renaissance

Clip on sunglasses made their debut in the US during the 1940’s and were used as a practical accessory rather than a fashion statement. A decade later they became popular after heartthrob James Dean started to wear them in the 1950’s. And just like that, clip on sunglasses were suddenly a cool accessory. But along with the changing trend in the fashion industry, the popularity of clip on sunglasses also went downhill as time passed…until recently when it started to make a comeback.

What are Clip On Sunglasses?

Clip-on sunglasses are glasses that are used to clip onto frames of regular or prescription glasses. They provide various benefits not necessarily available with regular prescription glasses, and can have either polarized or non-polarized lenses. Polarized clip-on sunglasses are mostly preferred by many because of their ability to filter and block glare from reflected light. And a fun fact: most sunglasses don’t have premade clip ons, but we’ve found a few. Check out these styles for a general sense of the look:

clip on sunglasses Alexander Daas
clip on sunglasses Alexander Daas
clip on sunglasses Alexander Daas

Benefits of Clip on Sunglasses

One of the most common health problems around the world is related to eye damage. Millions of people suffer from presbyopia, myopia, cataracts, and more. To cope with these challenges and correct their vision, people turn to prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. But one common problem they encounter especially with prescription glasses is whenever they engage in different outdoor activities that require the use of sunglasses for eye protection against the sun. Hence the need for clip on sunglasses. People who wear prescription glasses can comfortably turn to clip on sunglasses because of their dimensional benefits, without the need to remove prescription glasses.

Custom Made Clip On Sunglasses

Most sunglasses don’t have premade clip ons. But there are clip ons that you can buy elsewhere, however, they will most likely not match your frame because there is no such thing as one size fits all. The best way is to have your own custom made clip ons that precisely fit the frame and size of your eyeglasses. You can have your own custom made clip on sunglasses at optical shops like Alexander Daas where you bring your glasses (or ship them) to have the clips ons made. This process includes matching the curvature and lens of your frame in any color and pattern like camouflage, leopard, or plain, even available in polarized. If done well, your clip ons can appear like you’re just wearing sunglasses and not clip on sunglasses.

clip on sunglasses Alexander Daas
clip on sunglasses Alexander Daas

There are several designs available for clip on sunglasses. For example, titanium clips come in variations such as a bar across the top and hidden bridge styles where the bridge runs along the bridge of the frame so it is “hidden.” Another is a rimless clip on design where the clip on is almost “invisible”, as well as a flip clip design where you can flip the lenses up.

clip on sunglasses Alexander Daas

Types of Clip-On Sunglasses

There are three types of clip-on sunglasses that are commonly available and widely used. The perfect type of clipon sunglasses for you varies depending on several factors such as your lifestyle, budget and preference in color, style and size. Let’s take a look at all 3.

1. Standard Clip-On Sunglasses

Standard clip-on sunglasses are one of the least expensive types, though the most noticeable and difficult to attach and remove from the glasses. Standard clip-on sunglasses are clipped to the middle of the bridge on regular or prescription sunglasses, and are rubber coated and should not damage the lense or the frame.

2. Flip Clip-On Sunglasses

Flip clip-on sunglasses are less likely to be damaged and are the easiest type to use since they do not need to be constantly removed and put back on. They simply clip over the glasses which you can flip up or down depending on lighting conditions. The clips used on flip clip-on sunglasses are not as noticeable as standard clip on sunglasses because of their relatively smaller clips.  .

3. Magnetic Clip-On Sunglasses

Magnetic clip-on sunglasses are the most expensive, but do not have clips and are barely noticeable. They are attached to the frame using only clear magnets, which means they can only be used on magnetic frames.

Clip on sunglasses are undoubtedly stylish, functional, and economical. Depending on the type you get, especially with options two or three above, they can allow for a more seamless, comfortable day-to-day experience. And, if you love carrying small bags or not hanging multiple sunglasses or eyeglasses on your t-shirt, clip-on frames can save so much space.

For custom made clip on sunglasses, you can personally visit or ship your glasses to Alexander Daas! Contact us for more info at 323.466.4396.

How to Use Blue Light Filter for Your Pc, Mac or Phone?

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Have you ever felt tired and watery eyed after facing your computer screen for long hours? Blue light from any device or gadget can impact and disrupt your cardian rhythm causing tiredness, eye strain, and overall health problems. Let’s take a deeper look at blue light to understand it’s challenges and opportunities to help protect your eyes.

The problem with Blue Light

Blue light from your PC, Mac, or phone is part of the light spectrum that penetrates deep into the eyes. Its cumulative effects can cause serious damage to the retina of your eyes, promote age-related macular degeneration, and disrupt sleeping patterns. Sleep is part of the body’s natural biological cycle that is regulated by the amount of light our body is exposed to. Our retinas associate blue light with daytime and can sense the sun when it rises and sets as it gets dark, inducing our body’s hypothalamus to signal the production of sleep hormones called melatonin that aids with our sleeping. Being exposed to blue light at night by facing your mobile phone, Mac, or PC right before you sleep confuses our body’s internal clock causing our body to be alert and therefore can produce less melatonin, making it harder for us to sleep at night and wake up early in the morning.

Ideally, the best way to avoid the effects of blue light is to lessen your exposure to it. But in the real world, avoiding blue light–especially at night–is hard to follow. Not only do many have 9-5 work hours that involves the use of a computer, but we also spend several hours watching our favorite shows on television or Netflix, and use our mobile phones to check and update our social media profiles. Avoiding blue light simply means avoiding work and sacrificing our leisure, which is not realistic. As such, making use of the blue light filter is very important.


How to use blue light filters

If you can’t avoid blue light, one of the best approaches to remedy overexposure to blue light from your PC, Mac, or phone is to use a blue light filter to alter your screen’s color display.

Blue Light Filter for PC

Blue light filter for PC is an easy find since most of the monitors sold already have a built-in blue light filter. If you have Windows 10 installed, you’re in luck since it also has a blue light filter feature which means you do not need to buy another monitor for your PC. Microsoft added a new feature for Windows 10 in April 2017 called “Night Light,” which is Microsoft’s built-in blue light filter for PC’s. Windows 10 Night Light allows the user to reduce the amount of blue light emission by adjusting the color display to a warmer temperature. All you have to do is activate the blue light filter for PC, and you can even set a schedule for the night light to automatically turn on with your set time. Simply follow these easy steps to activate Microsoft’s blue light filter for PC.

  1. Press the Windows key and click settings.
  2. Click “System”
  3. Select “Display” option
  4. Turn on “Night Light”
  5. Click “Night light settings” if you want to configure the color temperature or set an automatic activation schedule.

Your eyes will have to adjust a while on your first try when using Microsoft’s blue light for pc feature. You’ll immediately notice the color shift if you turn on night light but your eyes will eventually adjust to the color change and it will likely become less intrusive. With the reduced amount of blue light exposure to your eyes when using Night Light at night, you’ll find your eyes less strained, which may lead to a more restful, good night’s sleep.

Blue Light Filter for MAC

Apple brought its blue light filter feature called Night Shift to MacOS in MacOS Seirra in March of 2017. Similar to Microsoft’s Night Light, MacOS’ Night shift is also very easy to turn on and configure.

  1. Simply open System Preferences
  2. Select “Displays”
  3. Click the “Night Shift” tab

On the Night Shift tab, you can customize how you want the Night Shift feature to work. You’ll have the option to automatically turn it on during your desired time or based on your location, and set the color temperature however you like. Like Microsoft’s blue light filter for PC called “Night Light’, MacOS’ Night shift will also set your screen color warmer to reduce the blue light emission.

Blue Light Filters for your Phone

If you’re one of the millions of people who constantly use their mobile phones to search, watch videos, update social media accounts, and other activities for several hours before going to bed, you’ve probably already experienced the effects of blue light at some point. To battle the effects of blue light from your phone, you might want to consider installing applications from Google Play or iOS App stores that have blue screen filter options.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses with blue light filter lenses

Aside from turning on blue light filter options, another way to block blue light is by wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses with blue light filter lenses during screen time, whether on a PC, Mac, phone, watching TV or being around artificial lights like LED bulbs which have been getting popular as room lights. 

Today, blue light filter lenses can be applied to modern eyewear frames to provide both style and eye protection. For example, these lenses can be applied to prescription glasses like the Alexander Daas St. Margherita

Blue Light filter Alexander Daas

Alexander Daas St. Margherita

Interested in exploring blue light filter lenses? Come into our store at 161 N Larchmont Blvd in Los Angeles, or give us a quick call at 323.466.4396, and you’ll be one step closer to an optimal sleeping pattern and proper eye health.

A Walking Tour of Larchmont Village

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Located within a quaint neighborhood in Los Angeles, Alexander Daas is one of the many famous shops you’ll find perched among the well-known Larchmont Village. This adorable town is surprisingly surrounded by LA landmarks – Hollywood, Paramount, Korea Town, Hancock Park and Windsor Square. Considered LA’s smallest neighborhood, Larchmont is also one of the most well-regarded towns in L.A famous for its unique stores, wide sidewalks, boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants that cascade along the strip of Larchmont Boulevard. Let’s take a tour down the city’s most charming block and the hub of many activities and long-time favorite shops.

Larchmont Village Alexander Daas
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Who says no one walks in LA? That’s practically true, but on the contrary, residents in Larchmont Village still enjoy walking and strolling along Larchmont Boulevard going to their favorite coffee shops, bookstore, and restaurants. Enjoy this glimpse of what Larchmont Village’s charming neighborhood has to offer.

Let’s start our tour at one of the most popular coffee shops in Larchmont LA. At Go Get Em Tiger you can find one of the finest coffee drinks in the country as named by the New York Times in 2014. They are especially famous for their delicious espresso milkshake and addicting iced almond-macadamia milk lattes crafted from their house-made almond and macadamia milk. Customers also line up for their tasty pastries which they make in limited quantities. Make sure to go early to get the best selection.

For lunch, stop by one of the best restaurants on the street, Larchmont Village Wine, Spirits & Cheese for a scrumptious Italian deli-style meal. You’ll find everything you need for a delicious meal with their selection of quality cheese, gourmet sandwiches, baguettes, and bread freshly baked every day. Make sure to order one of their famous sandwiches, their homemade tuna with tomato, cheese, olive oil, deliciously cured meats, and balsamic vinegar. Pair with one of their wines from France, Europe, and Italy, for a complete lunch in heaven, Make sure to also stock up on hard-to-find European candy, gourmet foods, and old-fashioned sodas, perfect for an at-home cocktail evening. Larchmont Village Wine, Spirits & Cheese is also one of the last restaurants you can go to get Dublin Original Dr. Pepper.

Another famous lunch option and one of the most popular Larchmont Village restaurants is the neighborhood’s Cafe Gratitude. Serving a wide variety of gourmet plant-based cuisine, Cafe Gratitude is always jam-packed with vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists. Celebrity sightings are also common as famous stars frequent the cafe for their deliciously cooked 100% organic plant-based menu. The popular cafe is also well known for having cheerful staff and their famous question “What are you grateful for today?” when taking your order. Surely, you’ll feel as grateful as ever everytime you visit the cafe.

If you are craving a delicious slice of classic New York pizza for lunch, the famous Larchmont pizza stop in the neighborhood is the Village Pizzeria Larchmont. While there’s pizza just about anywhere, Village Pizzeria is the go-to spot known for its fresh toppings, Wisconsin cheese, and crunchy crust.

Larchmont Village Alexander Daas
Source: Menuism

Sam’s Bagels is also a must-visit in Larchmont Village. If you’re looking for a pre-shopping bite, be sure to come early to try their delicious baked bagels.

Erin McKennas Bakery NYC is another must-visit if you’re looking for light snacks or sweets, with gluten-free and vegan baked donuts and pastry options.

Pressed Juicery Larchmont is the go-to place for thirsty health enthusiasts. Since its opening in 2013, this place has been a local favorite stop for cold-pressed juices.

Next stop? On Sundays, stop at the Larchmont Farmers Market to shop for fresh produce from local farmers.

You can also stop by the famous Larchmont florist shop, Larchmont Village Florist.

Larchmont is home to one of L.A.’s last standing independent bookstores, Chevalier’s Books. Since 1940, the legendary bookstore has been the go-to space for generations of families who pick up the latest story books, fiction, and educational reading materials.

Larchmont Boulevard is also one of the best shopping areas in Los Angeles. Make sure to get the chance to visit Larchmont Beauty Center for all things beauty, from Voluspa candles to every hair product under the sun. This  beauty hub carries a wide choice of brands from Sally Hansen, Essie polish, Stila, and Dermologica to Kérastase.

We’ll end our tour by picking up a gift at Landis Gifts & Stationery and Village Heights packed with beautifully personalized stationery, photo albums, hostess gifts, trinkets, and souvenirs. Stop by our Alexander Daas LA store located in the heart of Larchmont, just right beside Pressed Juicery to get styled by an optician with high-quality eyewear for your loved ones or for yourself! Equipped with the latest Smart Vision Lab Technology, getting the perfect eyewear for your eye needs has never been more easy. Visit us or schedule an appointment by calling us at 323.466.4396.

Larchmont Village Alexander Daas

Eye Care For You: Take Your Refraction Eye Exam from The Best Opticians in LA

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Refraction Eye Exam Alexander Daas

Our eyes are greatly affected by certain health conditions and the lifestyle we live by. In most cases, we often take our eyes for granted not knowing that when you are working on a computer, traveling, or simply taking a nice sunbath, your eyes are working non-stop and can be damaged from these activities. The most common eye problems include blurry vision, blind spots, halos, and floaters. These problems can be caused by various factors which include health conditions like diabetes, body aging, damage to the eye itself, or by a medicine you’re taking. Protecting your sense of sight is a very crucial thing you have to do to maintain your quality of life. And one way is to take a refraction eye exam from the best Opticians in LA.


Get Your Eyes Checked Regularly

As they always say, prevention is better than cure. According to the American Optometric Association or AOA, everyone needs to get their eyes checked every year or two especially after the age of 60. Don’t wait far too long before deciding to get an eye exam such as refraction eye exam. We often don’t notice the little changes in our eyes until conditions have progressed. Get your eyes checked regularly to detect abnormalities early enough to treat and to avoid serious eye damage. Especially if you notice any changes in your vision, you have to have it checked by an eye care professional immediately. Only an eye care professional can detect and identify eye problems like diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. Have a regular physical exam as well to check diseases that can cause eye problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. If left untreated, these diseases may cause severe problems to your eyesight.


Symptoms to Watch

The following are the most common symptoms that one should be totally aware of. Even if they are temporary, you should always see your eye doctor immediately if you experience any of these:

  • Double vision
  • Partial vision loss
  • Total vision loss
  • Red and painful eye
  • If you have a shade in your field of vision
  • Blind spots or halos in your vision
  • Any injury to the eyes
  • Trouble seeing objects in your vision
  • Trouble seeing when reading or during at night
  • Blurry sight of objects that are far away
  • Itchy eyes
  • Fluid in the eyes
  • Trouble identifying colors


Refraction Eye Exam Alexander Daas

Optometrist or Ophthalmologist?

Having your eyes checked regularly is simply the best way to prevent, detect or treat any of these symptoms at an early stage. When you decide that it’s time to get your eyes checked, make sure you are seeing the right eye care professional to cater to your needs.

Do you ever wonder what is an Optometrist? What is an Optician? Or whether to go to an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist? Non-medical practitioners commonly don’t know these terms. If you’re as curious too, we’ll break down the difference between the three.

What is an Optometrist? Optometrists are healthcare professionals who examine your eyes and diagnose diseases. They are the ones who will prescribe your glasses, contact lenses, and medicine for your eye disease.

Opticians, on the other hand, are technical practitioners who design and fits corrective lenses to correct a patient’s vision. They dispense and distribute eyeglasses but they do not diagnose eye problems. An optician is the lens and frame expert, keeping up with continuing education on the latest technologies and lens designs, as well as new frame materials, and having the training in fashion and styling for proper eyewear shape and fit. They are kind of like the pharmacist of the vision world… while an optometrist creates your prescription, the optician is the specialist to fill your lenses – to craft the perfect lenses into the perfect frame.

Lastly, Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who diagnose, treat, and perform surgeries related to eye problems. They are who optometrists will refer you to if they see signs of serious eye conditions. Ophthalmologists can also perform routine comprehensive eye exams, like optometrists, to provide you with a prescription for your spectacle lenses.


Refraction Eye Exam

A refraction eye exam is the portion of a comprehensive eye exam that is specific to figuring out the proper eyeglass prescription to be prescribed. A refraction eye exam usually includes an eye test where you look at a chart 20 feet away through a tool called a phoropter. Doctors use this test to obtain your eyeglass prescription where they move lenses varying in strengths in front of your eyes. This test helps the doctor detect eye problems such as myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.


Smart Vision Lab Technology

Technology has indeed changed our lives in many aspects and optometry is not an exemption. As technology advances, medicine has kept up and used these resources to improve medical practice providing a more efficient and higher standard of care. Gone are the days where you have to go out of your way to an optometry and go through eye tests which could take up to an hour to complete just to get a new pair of glasses. Now, with the help of technology and telemedicine, you can get a refraction within 5 minutes.

Unlike going to an Optometrist, with Smart Vision Lab Technology, patients can obtain an eyewear prescription within 5 minutes with this telemedicine exam without a need for an on-site doctor. While this is convenient to quickly update your prescription and get new spectacles, it is only the refraction portion of a comprehensive eye exam – it does not include the health portion of the eye exam such as glaucoma check, dilation, etc. This exam aims to increase access to a more convenient, less complicated, and inexpensive vision care leveraged by technology and innovation. But it does not replace the very important benefits of a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist for health purposes.


Where to Get Examined?

There are numerous optical clinics making use of the Smart Vision Lab technology. Alexander Daas Optique, located in the heart of Larchmont Village, is the top eyewear destination in Los Angeles. Trained opticians and eyewear stylists pair luxurious eyewear designs and adopt the latest Smart Vision Lab Technology to provide the most simple, pleasant experience for customers. At Alexander Daas, you can get examined within 5 minutes and get styled in a frame that fits your face shape.

Refraction Eye Exam Alexander DaasThe Alexander Daas Optique store location in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles, California, down the street from Paramount Studios.

Using the SVOne, an ultraportable autorefractor device powered by Smart Vision Lab Technology, opticians at Alexander Daas can capture the wavefront map of the eyes determining a patient’s refractive error. SVOne is unmatched with its superior technology called wavefront aberrometry that allows the device to measure more accurate refractive errors comprehensively with 40% more precision, while getting results twice as fast, compared to traditional corneal autorefractors. Compared to a traditional approach, this technological advantage with SVOne produces more accurate and instant result for patients. Because of its cloud capabilities, customer feedback is also much easier to utilize to begin the prescription fulfillment process. All of the data is sent to a team of off-site Ophthalmologists and Optometrists that review the data and finalize a prescription. The result – an accurate prescription with a quick smooth process allowing you to get your new glasses faster with less effort on your part.


Tips for Healthy Eyesight

Between routine visits, it is important to take initiative and take the essential steps to help maintain or improve your vision:

  • Regular Exercise. According to studies and as suggested by the AOA (American Optometric Association), regular exercise like a simple walk in the park or even at home can reduce the risk of age-related eye degeneration by up to a shocking 70 percent.
  • Protect your eyes from the harmful UV light. Always bring your sunglasses outdoors and wear them during the daytime. Choose sunglasses that can give 100% protection to your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This can help reduce the risk of having cataracts, pinguecula and other eye problems.
  • Take regular breaks when facing the computer. Whether it is work, social media, watching movies online, or other tasks that mostly involve your eyes, always have a moment to take a break by closing your eyes. Wear your glasses if you have anti-reflection specs. Do not just keep your eyeglasses inside your pocket and most especially, do not just forget and leave them at home. Many people develop low to moderate loss of vision because of forgetfulness. You can also purchase an eyewear necklace to remember your glasses and keep them in their best shape (goodbye to the days of resting your eyeglasses or sunglasses on your head and stretching your eyewear and their temples).
  • Most importantly, eat a balanced and healthy diet. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids from eating fish and antioxidants obtained from eating a healthy diet consisting of at least 5 servings of fruits and green vegetables can help reduce the risk of having cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye-related problems. Getting adequate nutrients by supplementing your diet with eye vitamins may also help keep your eyes healthy.

All in all, achieving healthy eyesight simply requires a proactive approach. Make use of these tips and you’ll likely be one step ahead to having healthy and clear vision. And don’t forget to get your eyes checked. Take your refraction eye exam from the best opticians in Los Angeles. Choose an optical clinic that uses the latest Smart Vision Lab Technology like Alexander Daas in Los Angeles for convenience and to make sure your prescription is up to date. They can provide you with an on-site vision exam within about 5 minutes and update your prescription glasses, contact lenses, or sunglasses. But remember, this is only to supplement your once-a-year or every-two-year comprehensive eye exam with an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist where your full eye health is checked. Interested in a fun fact? This is the same technology used for LASIK surgeries and many NASA partnered telescopes!


Call 323.466.4396 and schedule an appointment today!