Anne et Valentin Aloe

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Anne et Valentin Aloe Eyeglasses

The line, the line, the line… So it began with the concept ALPHA. Glasses made to turn heads, set apart by those famous veneers that we’ve lovingly developed towards cult status, that boldly blend two colors on the very same frame. Dynamic forms, delicate lines and cat eyes. This line represents the essence of Anne&Valentin, essential frames and strong identities for the discreet yet joyous types. Our unique and original veneers, Anne&Valentin’s historic trademark, provide unrivalled exclusivity in color and composition.

The Aloe are round style eyeglasses. 

ALOE, really round, ever so small, with circumflex accents formed by its arches, at once gentle and sharp. With its angles and mischievous details it’s got a playful, relaxed, sparkling pixie quality under any circumstance, ideal for marvelling, eyes wide open, whenever, forever.

Eye Size 45

Bridge 23