Anne et Valentin Klee

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Anne et Valentin Klee Eyeglasses

 Our designers, focusing on the possibilities of digging the surface and bringing depth to color, have sought to discover new options and push the limits of the chromatic range.The result of an immense work of research and innovation, the manufacture of KROMATICS  requires a high technicality and a sharp approach. The transparency of the material makes it possible to infuse breaths, full and delicate, crystalline effects that make the faces vibrate and bring a welcome freshness.

The solid colors, silkscreening in the branches, all contribute to make the concept a concentrate of color, transparency and graphics. The classic motifs such as smoke or tortoiseshell are awakened with unexpected colors. The KROMATICS are furiously pop, inspired by Lichtenstein, Gilbert and George, the modern stained glass, the plexiglass (yes, the plexiglass), and even Buren … without the columns. Encounter between form and color, these frames will suit optimistic, independent and free personalities, imprinted by assertive culture, loving the sense of detail and always getting up on the right foot.

The Klee are cat-eye style eyeglasses.

Eye Size approximately 50

Bridge approximately 25