LINDBERG Pop-Up Shop: RSVP for Early Access


This Saturday, June 1, ALEXANDER DAAS in Larchmont Village
will be hosting a Pop-Up Shop featuring LINDBERG, the Danish
inventor of the first rimless, titanium eyeglasses.
Experience some of their over 105 billion combinations of
styles [that is not a typo – billions!] including their
latest Spring release. LINDBERG features rimless pieces
(Spirit collection) as well as colorful acrylic pieces
(N.O.W. collection) and more. The brand ambassador will be present
with their wealth of knowledge of this sophisticated line.

Thrillist readers can RSVP here to get early access
one hour before the eyewear showing is open to the public.
Upon your arrival, mention that you RSVP’d and
provide us with your name to check against the list.
Early access will be from 11am to 12pm and
the public event will continue from 12pm to 4pm.