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4 simple ways to keep your sunglasses and eyeglasses in premium condition

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Keeping your eyeglasses and sunglasses in good shape is relatively simple, but something many don't do. Here are 4 tips to maintain the longevity of your frames.
  1. Don't wear your glasses on your head, this stretches the temples and affects how they sit on your face. Invest in an eyewear chain where your frame can stay put while not in use to avoid scratching, stretching or losing your frames. 
  2. That eyewear case you got your frames in? Use it! After the honeymoon phase of your glasses many don’t use the case anymore, but it should be your friend, because without it your lenses will get scratched, and your frames damaged.
  3. Resting your glasses on a table? Keep them face up, and never put lenses facing down to avoid scratches.
  4. Every few months come into one of our shops in California for an ultrasonic cleaning, adjustment, and general frame/lens checkup to make sure your frames are being maintained and kept in premium condition. 




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