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In-Store Policies (Brick-and-Mortar)

In-Store Policies (Brick-and-Mortar): Please see our in-store policies below which may have differences from our online ecommerce policies.


No Refunds. Store Credit or Exchange one time only within 15 days of completion. Note that our in store teams do not have the access to process a refund on our credit card terminals.

Please allow up to three weeks for your order. We are not responsible for delays which can occur for certain special and/or custom orders or when items are on backorder with the vendor. We are responsible for keeping your ordered items for no more than 6 months from the date the order was made.

RX Order: It is your responsibility to get your RX to us. In the case that an RX submitted to us for lenses is expired, it is your responsibility to get a new exam completed. An expired RX or delayed submission of your RX is not a valid reason to refund your order. In this situation, your order will be delayed until a valid RX is provided or it can be canceled for store credit.

Out of Network Vision Plans: We do not guarantee nor are we responsible for out of network reimbursement from your vision plan since we do not directly work with the vision plans and do not have access to your plan or benefits. Any information we provide related to price comparisons and reimbursements is based on typical situations, but is not necessarily fact in regards to your specific plan and benefits. It is your responsibility to be aware of the details of your benefits and no vision plan / insurance related circumstances are a valid reason to refund your order.

Warranty: In the rare case your glasses have a manufacturer's defect, we'll assist with the 1-year manufacturer's warranty if provided by the brand. Consult our opticians for guidance. It's advisable to have a backup pair, as the manufacturer's assessment may take 3+ weeks. We appreciate your patience. Some exclusions may apply for certain brands like Vuarnet or sale items (see store for details).

RX Change and Lens Design Non-Adapt: Within 90 days these will be redone or exchanged at no cost.

Patient Owned Frames: We are not responsible for breakage or damage to used frames/lenses or frames/lenses purchased elsewhere.

Eye-Wear-&-Tear Coverage: For 10% of the MSRP of your purchase, your eyewear will be covered for one year against loss or any non-warranty issue and you can replace your exact purchase for 50% off the replacement value. After one year, if your Eye-Wear-&-Tear Coverage wasn't used, the 10% payment becomes store credit.

Questions about the In-Store Policies should be sent to us here.