How to Take your PD

Optical measurements are incredibly important when it comes to ensuring your prescription glasses properly fit you. Just follow the steps below to complete your order.

  1. Are you wearing your glasses? Go ahead and take them off. Try and be in an area with great lighting and a clean backdrop. Grab a credit card (with a magnetic strip) for step four.
  2. Hold your phone up parallel to your face at arm's length with your face centered. You should be looking straight with your nose pointed to the center of your camera. Do not pose with your chin up or down, or left or right. Just look straight.
  3. Make sure your camera is not tilted forward or backward, and neither side is tilted in or out.
  4. Place your credit card under your nose, touching your face. The strip should face outwards towards the camera. Snap your picture.
  5. Upload your photo here and enter your information.