Johanna Colón wearing ALEXANDER DAAS 'Hayes' as Young Kat on HBO's Euphoria

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HBO's hit show Euphoria follows the life of a teenager named Rue (played by Zendaya, who also narrates the show), and her friend Kat (teenage years played by model Barbie Ferreira while Johanna Colón plays the younger Kat around 11 years old). 

Johanna Colón wears the ALEXANDER DAAS 'Hayes' as young Kat on HBO's Euphoria. The 'Hayes' is a sophisticated black rimmed frame that's sharp and bold, yet classic. You may recognize it from being seen on other celebrities in the past such as Jenny McCarthy.

Johanna Colón is a YouTube influencer whose video performance of Aretha Franklin's R-E-S-P-E-C-T went viral a few years ago, with over 80 million views which has provided a platform for her to be on various TV shows.

Get Johanna's look with the Alexander Daas Hayes here.

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