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SPY | Summer Style: The 40 Best Sunglasses for Men of 2022 Have Something for Everyone

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SPY featured the Alexander Daas Benjamin sunglasses in an article titled “Summer Style: The 40 Best Sunglasses for Men of 2022 Have Something for Everyone,” as well as a few expert tips from Alex about what consumers should know when buying eyewear. 

 Spy Best Sunglasses for Men Article featuring Alexander Daas Benjamin Sunglasses

Some SPY highlights:
  • “The Benjamin comes in tortoiseshell, black and this gradient gray rectangular frame. They’re on-trend, and classic looking at the same time. The brand’s crest is engraved on the temples for an added touch of cool.  These can be worn as sunglasses, and they are prescription compatible. They also have a “Star Trek” connection, as Patrick Stewart has a pair.”
  • “When trying on sunglasses, make sure they fit you. If they’re loose, have them tightened or adjusted. Alex Feldman, optician and founder of independent eyewear company Alexander Daas, has a few tips on making sure that the sunglasses you’re eyeing are the best ones for you. His number one suggestion? “Select a frame where your eyes are centered in the lens area to avoid optical illusions and strain.”
  •  “When choosing a frame, make sure that the frame sits neither too high nor too low on your nose. You don’t want to keep pushing your sunglasses up to see or push them down a bit for coverage. Feldman also feels that you should play with color when it comes to sunglass frames. Look for hues that complement your skin tone and wardrobe.”

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