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Sunglasses at the Met Gala 2022

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The Met Gala was filled with phenomenal looks. 

This year's "Gilded Glamour,” theme drew inspiration from New York's Gilded age, when grandiose and excess was more, not less.  

Each outfit looked as if it were handcrafted for an Oscar winning movie role, with accessories fitted to match. Many paired their looks with large jewelry, crowns, and luxury eyeglasses  or  designer sunglasses. Of note, was Blake Lively whose dress transformed into a completely new outfit as she made a huge statement walking down the red carpet.

Blake Lively at the Met Gala

Another stand out look was the dynamic power line up of women wearing the Barton Perreira Bolsha Black Sunglasses, as styled by Gabriela Hearst. 

These luxury sunglasses feature a defined and sculpted look with a thick black acetate, squared off to make an oversized statement.

From Venus Williams and Amy Schumer, to Xiye Bastida and Gabriela Hearst herself, the four made a statement in refined black ensembles from head to toe, with the Barton Perreira Bolsha Black sunglasses to pair. 

Get their exact look with this pair of Barton Perreira sunglasses here.

Gabriela Hearst, Xiye Bastida, Venus Williams and Amy Schumer wearing Alexander Daas Barton Perreira Bolsha Sunglasses at the 2022 Met Gala

Image source: Daily Mail 

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