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Digital lenses: what they are and why you need them

Digital lenses provide high definition vision. They are to conventional lenses what an HD plasma television is compared to an old tube tv.

Digital lenses are the latest innovation in lens fabrication. Instead of traditional grinding, they are laser surfaced, removing aberrations throughout the lens surface which greatly increases the accuity. The lenses are also customized with a compensated prescription based on your frame measurements and fit measurements, enhancing the prescription for the acting power of the lens to be more accurate. Overall, digital lenses provide significantly more clarity, especially when paired with anti-reflective (AR) coating.

Anti-reflective coating helps with reducing glare on your lenses, too. Have you ever watched a television show or movie and noticed extra reflection on an actor’s eyewear, making it hard to see their eyes clearly or just creating a distracting experience? This is from eyeglasses lenses not having AR coating.

Digital lenses help you have better peripheral vision, improved contrast and  a sharper image in how you see. And if you’ve ever heard of a free-form lens or high definition lenses, these are all types of lenses that use the digital process. 

Digital lenses can also be used for various needs, ranging from single vision and progressive lenses, to bifocals.  Those that wear progressive lenses or have a higher prescription will see the greatest improvement in vision, however all prescription types will likely find this type of lens beneficial. 

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