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Waking the Sleeping Cat: The Return of the Feline Sunglasses

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While the inception of the cat-eye-frame fashion happened in the 1960s, the winged out sunglasses are unquestionably soaring back to their former glory. Popular models and artists like Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry and Kourtney Kardashian have been paying tribute to the iconic Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn by rocking this riveting style.

If you’re going for a movie-star look but don’t have the energy to go full on extra, you’ve found the sunglasses that will bring out that spotlight-worthy face.

Cate eye Sunglasses Alexander Daas

With the playful evolution of the feline sunglasses from a style that was previously restricted to being sported with corrective lenses, to the birth of the tinted cat eye sunglass variety introduced by no other than the film star legend Audrey Hepburn, it is not surprising this trend would be a classic and remain a go-to look for a sophisticated vibe.

Although cat eye sunglasses may pride themselves on their small lens style reducing sun coverage, polarized cat eye sunglasses can help increase the comfort and protection provided by the lenses.

Some of the more popular cat eye frames feature narrow structure for lenses. For those that prefer more coverage, cat eye glasses come in sizes for all face shapes like the Celine cat eye sunglasses.

Cate eye Sunglasses Alexander Daas

This dramatic frame by Celine is a glorious throw back to the much in-vogue timeless look of the 60s. This style without question is as on point as the glasses’ edges that join the temple arms with its main frame. The temple tips are thicker, giving this frame presence through a stand-out look, which Celine is known for. Plus, these cat eye sunglasses in acetate plastic take the drama up a notch with mirrored lenses.

Get Kourtney Kardashian's look with these incredible show stopping cat eyes, purring to be yours. 

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