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SALT. Optics: Inspired by Nature

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When we talk about SALT. Opticswhat comes to mind is their love for nature which is reflected in their eyewear designs. 

SALT. Optics Alexander Daas

Founded in 2006, SALT. Optics was launched as a premium eyewear brand from coastal California dedicated to nature’s timeless beauty, style, and durability. The founders behind SALT. Optics grew up appreciating the adventures that nature has to offer. They enjoy backpacking, mountain hiking, surfing, and simply being out at the beach. The founder’s love and fondness for all things outdoors has led them to drawing their eyewear designs heavily inspired by nature. In fact, their brand name SALT. was derived from the acronym sea, air, land and for being timeless. Since their launch, their designs have been greatly inspired with the Golden State’s natural beauty, from sandy beaches, pristine deserts, tall palm trees, and city architecture, to music, arts and iconic films. SALT. Optics create designs that truly capture the casual elegance and aspirational lifestyle of California.

SALT. Optics Alexander Daas

SALT. Eyeglasses (TY)

SALT. Optics’ Focus on Quality & Design

The premium eyewear brand makes sure to not only focus on making cool designs but also to create the perfect fit by seeing through every step on the eyewear making process - from the designing and selection of materials, down to the manufacturing. SALT. firmly believes that a design should represent more than great style, but also durability and more importantly, fit the wearer perfectly, too.

Everything is handmade in Japan using only superior materials that are made to last like acetate and Titanium. The brand has high regards for the superior quality of the Japanese manufacturers with their unique manufacturing techniques using traditional tools backed with advanced technology. SALT. also maintains a great relationship with their Japanese manufacturers because of their very meticulous work and the amount of attention to detail that every product goes through.

SALT. Optics Alexander Daas

SALT. Optics uses both Titanium and beta Titanium for the front and back giving their eyewear more strength and flexibility. They use a really unique mirror coating that is entirely scratch-proof, and their lenses also feature backside anti-reflective coating and hydro & oleophobic coatings as well. The hinges on their sunglasses are riveted and go through the frame front making them more secure. A fun fact: they use acetate for their frames which features a unique fingerprint in every pattern. Handcrafted through a 130 step process, you will always get a unique version of your own frame. 

SALT. Optics and their Eyewear

SALT. Optics makes both optical and sunglasses that are designed to stand out  with its classic style and high-quality materials. Presently, SALT. has about 200 styles of sunglasses and eyeglasses for prescription and non prescription. Although they have more optical glasses, they take pride in their 100% polarized sunglasses. With the current harsh rays of the sun, protecting your eyes with polarized sunglasses helps lessen eye fatigue by cutting off the vibrating glare just like how lotions and clothing with SPF works in protecting your skin.

With SALT.’s minimalist, clean, classic, and timeless designs, SALT. Optics was created to work well for everyone. The brand is not about big logos or trends, rather focuses on creating styles that are not just relevant today, but for years to come.

SALT. Optics Alexander Daas

SALT. Sunglasses (Lorna)

SALT. Optics Alexander Daas



SALT. typically release two collections per year. Since their humble beginnings and through today, in their 11th year, SALT. continues to convey environmental beauty with their unique nature-inspired designs and quality. What more can you ask for from an eyewear brand?!  Check out more of SALT. Optics' incredibly interesting designs here, or call us at (323) 466-4396 to set your appointment, get your eyes checked and styled today!


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