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The Hottest Trends In Eyewear for 2022

It can be hard to stay up to date with the top trends in designer eyewear each year. That’s why our Alexander Daas team came up with the hottest trends in eyewear for 2022. Whether you’re looking to get the newest style of designer sunglasses or luxury eyeglasses, our highly trained opticians can help you choose the top frame, add prescription lenses, or help style you. 

  • Dusty Pastels
  • One of the top eyewear trends currently for 2022 are dusty pastel glasses. These subtle and warm tones are both calming and comforting making them the perfect eyewear to bring out for any season or occasion. Some popular colors to look out for are muted lavender, blue, and pink shades. The Alexander Daas California Larchmont pink pastel luxury sunglasses perfectly encompass the dusty pastel trend that is so popular. These luxury eyewear frames include polarized mirrored lenses, allowing you to receive added protection from your lenses. 

  • Oversized Aviator
  • Oversized aviators have become one of the hottest trends for both designer eyeglasses and sunglasses. This type of eyewear enhances your facial features and creates a sharp and sophisticated look. At Alexander Daas we carry multiple types of aviator designer eyewear. One of our top favorites would be the Mykita Steen luxury eyeglasses. These aviators are lightweight and airy, allowing you to feel as though you have nothing on your face. They are made from a durable yet thin stainless steel that is easily adjustable for the perfect fit. 

  • Round Eyewear
  • The Salt Optic Audrey luxury eyewear frames are your classic yet bold, circular sunglasses. These handcrafted frames are lightweight yet highly durable, made from quality acetates and titanium, truly allowing you to make a statement. These designer sunglasses come with a multitude of different features that protect your vision while also ensuring you look stylish for years to come. The round shape of the frame is an extremely popular style that pairs well with any look. 

    Let Alexander Daas Style You

    Shop the hottest trends when you check out our stores in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles or go on our website to browse our luxury eyewear. Stop by and check out our designer eyewear collection up close and in person or style yourself with our online virtual styling services. Whether you’re looking for luxury sunglasses or designer eyeglasses, Alexander Daas can happily assist you. Schedule an appointment for a vision test or eyewear styling at a location nearest you here, or call us at 858.526.3227.

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