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Types of Glasses You Need Everyday 

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 Imagine wearing similar kinds of shoes every day. Can you wear your sports shoes to a formal dinner party? No, right. Everyone loves having different clothes and shoes for different occasions, but we often forget about our glasses. Glasses protect our eyes, add to our style, and make us feel comfortable. So why own only one for every occasion. Since eyewear is essential for everyday life, it must be comfortable yet fashionable. 

Just like we need sweaters in the winters, we need eyeglasses for different needs throughout the day. Many brands that selleyewear in Los Angeles have a large variety of options for glasses.Luxury eyewear brands in Los Angeles offer a premium and more exemplary selection for people who love to treat themselves. In this article, we will discuss the different kinds of eyeglasses that one needs every day -

1. Prescription Glasses

For those with weak eyesight, prescription glasses are a must for an everyday functioning life. And since you will be wearing them most of the time, they should be comfortable, chic, fashionable, and sturdy. The glasses should speak to you and define your style. If you have high power, you can choose an index that will lower the frame's overall weight and make your vision clearer. And even if you are a contact lens person, it’s always good to have prescription glasses as a backup. There are many options for buying eyeglasses in Los Angeles, including luxury ones. There are four types of prescription lenses: 

    • Single Vision Lenses - These are the most common and cheapest eyeglass lenses. Single vision lenses have only one prescription - shortsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. The correct vision at a specific distance. Most of the prescription and reading glasses are single-vision glasses. 
    • Bi-Focals - As the name suggests, bifocal prescription lenses have two powers in them. They correct near and far sightedness. They have different sections of lenses that correct both eyesight problems. Such lenses are prescribed to people who have multiple vision concerns.
    • Trifocals - Trifocals are similar to bifocals in the sense that they have multiple lenses. They have an additional power lens to correct intermediate vision. For instance, the intermediate vision lens is used for viewing a computer screen. One of the major disadvantages of both bifocals and trifocals lenses is the presence of a distinct line between the different fields of vision. Each field produces a very different vision. Most people get used to this with time. However, more advanced lenses called progressives address this drawback.
    • Progressives: Progressives are more advanced lenses for people who need bifocal and trifocal lenses. They offer correction for intermediate, distance, and near vision. The transition between each of the fields is smoother due to people using prefer these kinds of lenses. There are no lines between the different visual fields. 

Prescription glasses might feel like a burden or an extra accessory for some people. However, with glasses in fashion (fake glasses are selling high), prescription eyewear can be fun and fashionable too. It does not have to be the same old boring styles. Several brands selldesigner eyewear in Los Angelesthat combines comfort with style. 


2. Digital Protection Lenses 

Digital protection lenses are meant to reduce exposure to the harmful blue light produced by electronic devices. Almost half of the adult population works in a job requiring them to use a computer or tablet for a prolonged period. There are many issues with such usage of digital devices, including headaches, dry and irritated eyes, blurry vision, difficulty focusing, and even back and neck pain. Digital protection lenses reflect the blue light emissions and prevent the symptoms mentioned above from occurring. One does not need to have a prescription to get these kinds of lenses. These glasses are suitable for anyone who works in a digital setting and uses digital devices most of the time. 

In the post-COVID era, remote and hybrid working has become a new normal. It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without our mobile phones and computers. In such a case, digital protection glasses are a must for most people. 

  • Polarized Glasses - Polarized glasses add more than just good style to your looks. They protect your eyes from direct sunlight and prevent the glare, making your vision clearer on that hot sunny day.  Polarized glasses protect one’s eyes from harmful UV rays while also reducing eye strain. Polarized lenses have a different film that minimizes the glare of sunlight reflecting off snow, water, or solid surfaces. Polarized lenses filter out harmful light and help people see more clearly. Polarized lenses are also suitable for reducing eye irritation, headache and redness, giving the person better quality vision. Luxury glasses in Los Angeles are a fantastic choice if you are looking for polarized glasses. 
  • Reading Glasses - These are also a kind of non-prescription glasses primarily for self-care and preventative eye care. Reading glasses are available over the counter easily. They improve one’s ability to read up close, especially when someone spends a lot of time reading books, using laptops, phone screens, or tablets. Usually, reading glasses work for people with good distant vision. They come in strengths of +1 to +4. However, if you get headaches from your regular reading glasses, you might need to visit an eye doctor to check if you require prescription glasses. 

Comfortable and fashionable eyewear is essential for everyone, whether or not they use prescription lenses. As discussed above, people need more than one kind of eyeglasses for different times throughout the day. Sticking to your regular everyday glasses is great, but you may want to expand your options if you use the same frame daily. Like adding more clothes to your wardrobe, consider adding more kinds of glasses for your different daily needs. You can buy a variety of options from brands that selldesigner eyewear in Los Angeles

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