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SF Optics gets a good amount of positive 5 star reviews posted to our yelp and google business pages, and we’re proud and honored every time we see that we not only provided someone with a positive experience, but they took the time out of their day to share it. But this review is one that especially makes us proud, because it helps emphasize that we aren’t here just to make sales. Our primary goal is to help people with their vision, to make them look great, and to provide an awesome experience. We do this genuinely and fairly and that is why our community has supported us and kept us alive since 1979!

We are also excited to have independent optometrist Dr. Martha Klufas, OD, performing eye exams on-site at San Francisco Optics. Book your next eye exam with her here.

Check out the full text of the five star yelp review below:

San Francisco Optics 5 Star Yelp Review
5 star rating 11/4/2019
I had a problem with the place where I got my glasses, which I’ll describe in a moment, and my neighbor told me to come to SF Optics. I’ll quote her because I think it is quite accurate, as are the very high marks this place has received on Yelp: “They are well respected around SF. They have the best frames and the best service.” I came in and Wiley, an optician who is the superhero of this story and turns out is both very skilled AND genuinely nice greeted me. I explained that after recently getting a free one-time replacement on my lenses after 1 year at another fancy and highly-rated eyewear store, I could barely see with the glasses. Three other opticians at that store could not figure out the issue and told me that even though the glasses were the correct prescription 3 weeks earlier, my prescription must have suddenly changed! Apparently, they said, I need a new exam and likely to get new glasses. Well, Wiley got a smile on his face when he heard that and asked me to put on the glasses. Within a minute or two, he pronounced the lab had made the glasses incorrectly and needed to be sent back. He told me exactly what to tell the other store so that they would understand how to resolve it for me. He even had a contact there and followed up on my behalf! When I returned to the other store, I got a sincere apology and an immediate resolution to the problem, saving me several hundred dollars! Also, and this is a really important point — Wiley confirmed for me that SF Optics uses only certain really good quality labs to make the glasses so customers don’t often run into issues like the one I had. Since at this point it should be obvious that just because you go to an expensive place with fancy glasses and even skilled optometrists does not mean you are going to have a good outcome. Going forward, SF Optical has my business as long as I need to wear glasses (which I guess will be until I get cataracts one day!). One final thing I wanted to mention — even though I did not get an eye exam with the optometrist, Martha Klufus, she worked for Glaucoma Center of SF for over 10 years. I am actually a patient there and can tell you that this is absolutely the very best place in the Bay Area for people with glaucoma concerns to be seen, and that gives me a lot of confidence in her.

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