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Barton Perreira Celebrity Sightings

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Barton Perreira recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary not with a cake, balloons, nor candles, but with a new collection of limited-edition sunglasses. Inspired by the brand’s humble beginnings and success over the years, their limited-edition collection is composed of 22 fashionable styles including a refresh of several timeless designs.

Two Oliver Peoples veterans, Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, launched Barton Perreira in 2007 after Oliver Peoples was acquired by Oakley in 2006.  The two left their former company in order to realize their dream of having more independence and creative freedom. They took a break but eventually got back in the industry a year after Barton made a phone call to Patty Perreira and proposed to establish their own brand, when Barton Perreira was born.

Their first eyewear collection quickly made impact in the fashion and eyewear industry with its luxurious, elegant and re-defined styles, gaining attention from celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Biel, and Orlando Bloom, among others. 

Combining Bill Barton’s vision and Patty Perreira’s innovative designs, the brand has been highly regarded for its exclusiveness and top-notch quality, well known for its unmatched commitment in making superior products. In fact, all collections of Barton Perreira are handmade in limited quantities by skilled artisans using only the finest materials from Japan. The same Japanese manufacturers Bill has been working with for the past 30 years now work and bring the brand’s complex eyewear designs to life using intricate details,, metal inlays, and colorful enamels. Designed in-house in Los Angeles by Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, each frame is a work of art. Let's take a look at a few celebrities wearing Barton Perreira:


Barton Perreira Alexander Daas

First on the list is the Let It Go American singer and actress, Demi Lovato. Demi was spotted rocking a gorgeous pair of Barton Perreira Sunglasses in Dalziel with a natural look and laced white dress. Dalziel features the classic tortoiseshell frame, cool gradient tinted lens and double bridge detail that adds an edgier touch. With Dalziel’s twist to a classic style, Demi’s look was perfectly put together.


Barton Perreira Alexander Daas

The award-winning American actress Sandra Bullock kept her look simple with  a black button up and military green coat, with her hair tied and parted in the middle. Wearing the Barton Perreira Sunglasses in Dalziel give her a classic look while providing the protection she needed from the harmful rays of the sun.


Barton Perreira Alexander Daas

With Jennifer Lopez’s diamond face shape, the Barton Perreira Lovitt sunglasses is a perfect light aviator style she wore while filming her NBC show "Shades of Blue." The famous singer, actress, and dancer was spotted looking incredible in her natural makeup, all-black outfit and equally smoldering aviator style sunglasses with an intricate double bridge detail. 


Barton Perreira Alexander Daas

Known as Noah in the famous Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie, Notebook, Ryan Gosling is one of the most handsome faces of Barton Perreira. The actor has been seen wearing his matte chestnut specs called the Barton Perreira Eyeglasses in Woody

Barton Perreira's refreshingly clean and modern yet classic designs have captured the hearts of many people including big names in the fashion and music industries. Just like fine jewelry, the brand continuously focuses on making quality designs that would last throughout the years. If you’re a big fan of the brand and their works just like Demi Lovato, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, and Ryan Gosling, you wouldn’t want to miss our full collection of Barton Perreira eyeglasses and sunglasses, take a look here. 

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