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Steal Her Style: Emily Ratajkowski In Garrett Leight Glasses

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It’s no secret that the total babe, in-demand model, and Instagram It Girl Emily Ratajkowski is a rising fashion icon with her chic style and undeniable sex appeal. Known for pulling off just about any trend, Emily Ratajkowski always makes sure to complete her look with her go-to favorite eyeglasses designed and made by the one and only Garrett Leight. Today, we will reveal the actress’ great eyewear style.

Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Cloy

Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Alexander Daas

Emily Ratajkowski can’t seem to stop rocking her favorite glasses by Garrett Leight that she even wore it in her celebratory post when she hit 10 million followers on Instagram. Emily Ratajkowski posted an iconic tub selfie fully naked and left only her favorite piece of accessory, her Garrett Leight’s Cloy eyeglasses. We’ve seen the star in a similar style (Paloma, also by Garret Leight) but in tortoise-colored frames years ago, and now she’s into Cloy in gold which she wears all the time. Call them nerdy or geek-chic, glasses for heart-shaped faces like this circular frame definitely suits Emily’s gorgeous face and goes well with all her outfits. Whether in a dainty chic dress, crop tops, pullovers, overalls, or even without anything on, Emily Ratajkowski looks absolutely flawless in her Garrett Leight glasses.

Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Alexander Daas

Steal her steamy tub selfie. Shop your own pair of Cloy here!

Cloy in gold is inspired by Southwestern motifs and features a small round and thin metal frame intricately designed with a detailed bridge. This round gold-rimmed eyeglass is the perfect style to describe the growing trend of what is called the "round glasses aesthetic." To achieve a look that’s too cool for school, try this elegant eyewear with just about anything in your closet! Simple but elegant, these glasses exude just as bold of a statement as the brightest and most shimmering piece of jewelry which is why we think Emily Ratajkowski won’t be switching her current favorite specs any time soon.

Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Paloma
Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Alexander Daas
Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Alexander Daas

Source: Instagram @emrata

Emily Ratajkowski would definitely agree that there’s no other staple accessory that can reinvent any look other than her all-time go-to Paloma glasses in tortoise, by Garrett Leight. It’s pretty obvious that she’s in love with the piece. We've spotted her pairing these eyeglasses with a baseball cap. We have also seen her using the specs in her social media selfies, night outs, and airport fashion, including one of her most notable outfits when she hit up popular brunch spot Sqirl to get a huge plate of French toast. A meal has never been as lovely until Emily showed us how to look effortlessly rock-chic.


Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Alexander DaasGet Emily’s famous eyeglass look here!

Known as the Emily Ratajkowski glasses, Garrett Leight’s Paloma glasses boasts its round and slightly oversized lenses with inverse Windsor rims, and curved polished bridge. Tortoiseshell framed eyewear have gone a long way and are considered one of the most enduring styles for decades due to its unique and distinguishing speckled design. The combination of warm brown tones and hints of amber works perfectly in almost all skin tones and in any outfit you wish to wear. Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight is truly a superior look! Can’t wait to recreate her famous Emily Ratajkowski glasses look? Grab your own pair of Paloma glasses here.


Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Hampton

Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Alexander DaasSource: Instagram @emrata

Above, Emily Ratajkowski poses for the cameras confidently rocking one of Garrett Leight’s best selling pieces. The star, Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight surely shined as she kept her look simple with a bohemian inspired two-piece outfit, quaint layered necklace and the Hampton glasses that perfectly complimented her overall style. We have seen her wearing the exact same sunglasses in a few more snaps from events and some of her social media selfies. There’s no doubt that this star definitely loves Garrett Leight’s collection!

Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight Alexander Daas

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Hampton is an upgraded look to the classic P3 from Garrett Leight’s original collection. Emily Ratajkowski’s personal choice features a stunning medium sized round lens layered with an anti-reflective and UV protection coat. Perfect for both men and women, Garrett Leight Hampton also features a cool gradient brown tint giving the eyewear a strikingly unique look. You can rock this stunning sunglasses to important events or even just on a sunny trip to the beach! That is how versatile this eye accessory is. You can easily style and wear it anywhere and everywhere you want. Available in seven classic colors, you can choose one that best fits your personal style.

There is no denying how Emily Ratajkowski is head over heels for the vintage eyewear looks. From her steaming tub selfie to her quick brunch, and to events, Emily has worn Garrett Leight’s pieces effortlessly. Its no wonder why Emily Ratajkowski in Garrett Leight is always a trending look.

Lots of other celebrities and famous personalities love to flaunt their favorite pieces from Garrett Leight, too. Steal her style and grab your own pair of Garrett Leight glasses. Shop now!


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