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Steve Job's Classic Round Eyeglasses as seen on Michael Fassbender in the Steve Jobs movie

Steve Jobs was a visionary that continues to impact our lives on a daily basis with the iPhone, the iPad, the iEverything. His ingenuity has fundamentally changed how we explore, cultivate relationships and grow.

And when it came to his dress code, you could expect Steve on stage at every Apple announcement in a black turtleneck, light blue jeans and rimless eyeglasses.

In 2015, the movie “Steve Jobs” came out, written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, based on the book by ​Walter Isaacson. ​

Michael Fassbender was cast to play Steve Jobs and came into our shop San Francisco Optics by Alexander Daas on Chestnut to purchase Steve Job’s Lunor Classic Round rimless eyeglasses (also called the Classic Rund) that he would go on to wear in the biographical drama.

This retro round shape is handcrafted from quality metal and comes in various colors, featuring a pad system for comfort.

Below is a shot of Michael in these frames. You can get these Lunor Classic Round rimless eyeglasses here. 

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs wearing Alexander Daas Classic Round Eyeglasses

Image Credit: Variety Magazine

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