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Luxury Sunglasses You Need This Summer

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How do you start to prepare for summer? Ensure that you are ready for each summer day with newluxury sunglasses. Choosing the perfectdesigner sunglasses is essential for keeping yourself protected while also looking stylish. At Alexander Daas Opticians, we carry luxury sunglasses for both men and women fromthe top brands likeBarton Perreira,Alexander Daas, andMykitain ourLos Angeles,San Diego, andSan Franciscoretail stores. Whether you’re looking for a classic or unique frame, our opticians can quickly help you pick out and style your newluxury sunglasses. Both in store or online, your perfect frames are a step away. Check out our top picks below for thedesigner sunglassesyou need this summer.

Barton Perreira 007 Joe Sunglasses

The  Barton Perreira 007 Joe Sunglasses is a collaboration frame with the 007 film  series and was specifically seen in the 2021 filmNo Time to Die.These specialtyluxury sunglasses are made in Japan and have “007” carefully carved into the side once fully completed. They also come with a 007 cleaning cloth and hard glasses case to ensure that they stay protected and clean. The Barton Perreira 007 Joe frames are the perfecteyewearfor your everyday summer activities. 

Alexander Daas Benjamin Sunglasses

The  Alexander Daas Benjamin Sunglasses are the go toluxury eyeglassesfor any summer day or night outing. This classic, clean, and modern frame highlights your facial features when you wear it, since it has sharp angles and a rectangular shape, creating a natural and defined look. The Alexander Daas Benjamin Sunglasses come in an array of different colors so you can easily style them with whatever you’re wearing.


Mykita ESBO

If you’re looking to create a unique yet sophisticated look for summer, then the  Mykita ESBO designer eyeglassesare exactly what you need. There is a master craft that comes into play when creating these Mykita ESBOluxury eyewear frames which is clearly highlighted in each piece. Each frame is handmade in Berlin and their unique circular shape comes from the lightweight stainless steel with acetate rims & ESBO with Polarized Pro Hi Con Gray lenses. This ensures 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays and allows the frame to lightly and comfortably rest on the face, which is especially needed during the summer time. 


How to Choose Your Favorite Luxury Sunglasses 

Choosing your new pair ofluxury sunglasses should be a fun and carefree process. That’s why our dedicated and highly trained Alexander Daas Opticians & stylists recommend coming into our stores or going to our website to try our seamless virtual or in person styling options, so that you can choose the perfectluxury sunglasses for this summer. Whether you just want to buy neweyewearor are in need of a new summer look, let our professional team assist you with finding the bestdesigner sunglassesbefore summer. 

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