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Top 10 Designer Eyeglasses in San Diego, CA

What are some of your favoritedesigner eyeglasses currently in San Diego, CA? Our Alexander Daas team came up with the top 10designer eyeglasses in San Diego, CA for our clients to browse through before choosing their eyeglasses.

  •  Alexander Daas Mia 
  • The  Alexander Daas Mia luxury eyeglasses create a simple and sophisticated look. These frames contain a subtle upsweep in an original rectangular shape. We finish each frame off with the Alexander Daas Crest inlaid in the temple tip. 

  •  Barton Perreira Byron
  • The  Barton Perreira Byron designer eyewear frames offer a variety of bold and simple styles. This unisex shape is handmade in Japan and creates an exotic or laid back feel depending on the look of theluxury eyeglass frame. 

  •  Blake Kuwahara Webster 
  • The  Blake Kuwahara Webster  luxury eyewear frame is a uniquely handcrafted frame with a silhouette encased in the outer shape. This creates a seamless look between the two frames as well as a bolddesigner eyewearstatement piece. 

  •  Bevel Robona
  • The  Bevel Robona designer eyewear frames are a classic and simple frame. They include durable materials like 4mm thick titanium and zyl acetate which highlights the completedluxury eyewear design. 

  •  Celine CL500661
  • The  Celine CL500661 designer eyeglasses are bound to make a statement for any occasion. With light pastel colors and a large base, theseluxury eyewearframes are elegantly crafted and comfortably fitting. 

  •  Etnia Barcelona Jasmund
  • The  Etnia Barcelona Jasmund  designer eyeglassescome in a multitude of colors made from durable acetate material. Ensure that you will always be comfortable and protected with theseluxury eyeglasses.

  •  Lindberg N.O.W 6522
  • The  Lindberg N.O.W. 6522 luxury eyewear frames are aesthetically appealing and pair well with any outfits or accessories. The light blue shade adds a pop of color to your looks and overall style each day.

  •  Barton Perreira Caruso
  • The  Barton Perreira Caruso  luxury eyeglasses are made from zyl acetate making them lightweight and airy. This light pale bluedesigner eyewearframe adds a slight pop of color, brightening up your face and enhancing your facial features. 

  •  Blake Kuwahara Merrill
  • The  Blake Kuwahara Merrill designer eyewearframes have a unique shape and look. The black and clear frame has a silhouette which is encased in the outer frame. These contrasting colors create a bold and contemporary look.

  •  Alexander Daas Ashton 
  • The  Alexander Daas Ashton luxury eyeglassescome in a multitude of dark and light shades. This classic shape highlights the small silver accents on the frame itself as well as the keyhole bridge, which distributes the weight evenly across the frame.

    How Alexander Daas Can Help You

    Stop by and check out ourluxury eyewearcollection or style yourself with our online virtual styling services. Whether you’re looking fordesigner sunglassesorprescription eyeglasses, schedule your appointment for a vision test or eyewear styling  here, or give us a call at 858.526.3227. 

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