Anne et Valentin D-Fine

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Anne et Valentin D-Fine Eyeglasses

The LINK concept , as a sign of punctuation that would enrich the discourse, is based on the strong idea of nesting: at the link, to the tie are added the contrast of the colors and the transparency and opacity .

The LINK models are all keys to access to a new aesthetic of the bezel. They make resonate the language of the matter, explore the sensuality of the touch, and are particularly adapted to the independent and free personalities. The LINK woman is curious and open, well in her sneakers, centered, and has little more to prove.They are happy mounts, present just what it takes, who know how to adapt and find their place everywhere.

 Anne et Valentin D-FINE, a cat-eye with a struc­tured form, that succeeds in melding hy­per-fem­i­nin­ity with force. The in­ter­weav­ing of ar­chi­tec­tural lines am­pli­fies the gaze, lifting features up and leaving wearers looking crazy modern. It’s a frame for in­tel­li­gent girls, for art-lovers, bringing welcome symmetry to those larger faces open wide to the world.

The D-Fine are cat-eye style eyeglasses.

Eye Size approximately 58

Bridge approximately 21