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Holding a big dream, Alexander Daas has always wanted to create his own eyewear brand with the vision of creating designs with the real wearers in mind. Using only the finest materials from Japan and Italy, he started his label with the aim of bringing old-school optical principles in creating his sunglasses and eyeglasses thoughtfully and precisely by hand. With Alexander’s philosophy and fresh perspective came a brand born out of love for the wearer. Alexander Daas named his brand after himself and has since continued to live up his dream and vision, and inspire other people. As a brand, we at Alexander Daas encourage a culture of giving and selflessness by giving a portion of our sale to a charity chosen by our authorized dealers. We’ve never felt this grateful and fulfilled!
Our collections have been greatly inspired by our giving and consumer-oriented philosophy. We have created eyeglasses and sunglasses with emphasis to design, fit, quality, and functionality in mind. Our timeless and unique spin on classic styles have attracted us with loyal clients who keep coming back for our top-notched quality and excellent service. Some of which includes big names in Hollywood. Here’s a recap of celebrities in Alexander Daas eyewear.

One of our favorite clients, the famous singer-actress, Zendaya came to get styled at Daas Optique in Los Angeles. Zendaya in her new Alexander Daas ‘Victory’ looks so fab! Her new aviator sunglasses perfectly complimented her cool personality and style!

American actress Emily Wickersham wearing St Margherita in her famous show, NCIS. The star best known in her role in NCIS as Eleanor Bishop, an NCIS Special Agent was always spotted wearing Alexander Daas St Margherita on the show. The audience always looked forward to her character as she brightly showed her acting prowess in NCIS. Adding so much to her character, St Margherita eyeglasses by Alexander Daas became a must-have among the audience.

Michael Keaton has the need for speed in Alexander Daas sunglasses. Starring Aaron Paul, Michael Keaton, and Dominic Cooper, the movie grossed over $203 million worldwide. The box-office hit movie revolves around a street racer as he sets of to race avenging the death of his friend from the hands of his rival racer. Michael Keaton playing as the Monarch in the movie gained much attention with his eye-catching Power sunglasses by Alexander Daas. The actor was also spotted wearing the sunglasses even off screen. He absolutely adores his Power sunglasses!

Check out the American-Canadian actress Lauren Holly out and about, enjoying a good day while looking gorgeous in her Alexander Daas sunglasses ‘Majesty’. Famous in her notable roles in Picket Fences, NCIS, Motive, Dumb and Dumber, Dragon, Beautiful girls, What Women Want, and more, the actress is also known for her adoration with sunglasses. We are very honored that we are one of the labels that she loves to wear. And among her favorites is our very own Majesty sunglasses!

Youtube star Justine spotted running an errand with her Alexander Daas frames. She’s been seen wearing our Wisdom X on her coffee run, random selfies, and on her trips! The famous Youtuber with over 5 million followers surely knows where to get the right glasses!

The award-winning television host, actress, and model Jenny McCarthy is probably one of Alexander Daas Eyewear’s best fans. She was frequently seen styling herself with our awesome specs not only once nor twice, but she was spotted wearing our designs a lot in her television shows and even award shows.

Here’s Jenny McCarthy confidently wearing the Alexander Daas Hayes as she co-hosted the TV show ‘The View’ with Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd, and Joy Behar. Pretty in orange, the actress stunned everyone with her amazing hosting skills and incredible style. She absolutely nailed her look with our very own Hayes.

Another episode with Jenny McCarthy wearing her favorite pair of Alexander Daas Eyewear, the Hayes. We can’t get enough of her straight hair look!

Jenny McCarthy absolutely looked stunning on her purple dress during the American Music Awards in 2011. She looked fabulous as ever but more especially with her favorite Alexander Daas Eyewear in Wisdom X on.

Get the look that works best for you at Alexander Daas Opticians in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles.

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