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Fifteen to twenty years ago, we launched a campaign for our store in San Francisco (San Francisco Optics), running ads with it in local San Francisco newspapers and publications like San Francisco Bay Guardian, SF Weekly and the San Francisco Chronicle.

You Own 20 Pairs of Shoes and Only 1 Pair of Glasses?
What Do People Look At First, Your Feet or Your Face?

I mean, it makes sense, right??!!
About two years ago, we relaunched this campaign:

Photo: Wearing ALEXANDER DAAS sunglass style Portofino

Now, in the age of social media with platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we were pleasantly surprised to see our creative work go viral, being shared all over the place with tons of comments and likes. Many of the shared versions had our ALEXANDER DAAS logo and #StyledByDaas hashtag cropped or edited out, but we were still happy to see the message going around.
It seems our ad has resurfaced and we are excited to see it go viral again with it’s 3rd act. A special thank you to one of our ALEXANDER DAAS authorized dealers in Juno Beach, Florida – Juno Beach Optical – and their amazing Licensed Optician, Micki Lorelli, for sharing this blurb about the ad.

Our ad focuses on the fact that the first thing people notice is your face – which is approximately eye level to anyone looking at you. So if people invest so much into their shoe selection, why wouldn’t they put as much consideration into their eyewear selection and make a good lasting impression with their eyes using an awesome pair of glasses. Because sometimes, all it takes to turn people off is a single look. The first glance, maybe the first three seconds, can make or break relationships that follow since first impressions are often nearly impossible to undo. And in most cases, people make their first impression just by looking at the face and more particularly the eyes. As an eyewear company, we couldn’t emphasize enough the importance of glasses, not only because of sight, but also because they can completely change the image you create for yourself.

They say our eyes are the windows to our soul. Our eyes don’t lie, they always reveal truth, and they show hints of our personality. Hence, there is no better way to impress someone than to direct their attention to your eyes. And what more perfect way to show your personality? A good pair of eyewear that fits your vision needs, personality, and face shape is all you need to create a fantastic first impression. 

It’s not the feet but it’s the face that we see first thing when we meet a person. Next would be clothes, then shoes, and lastly, scent. It’s not a luxurious pair of shoes or newly pedicured feet that makes a person stand out at first glance, it’s the glasses. When a person is perfectly styled with an awesome pair of eyewear, the glasses can give them the confidence to meet people face to face maintaining good eye contact and making a great impression.
So what do you think? What Do People Look At First, Your Feet or Your Face?

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