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Discount Glasses: Sale on Selected Designer Eyewear

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Have you ever experienced trying to purchase designer glasses online but always fell short of budget? I’m sure that at some point you have settled in buying cheap options that look similar to your dream sunglasses, or to the glasses you really need for your reading hobbies. And you might start asking yourself about why would you purchase hundreds of dollars for a mere eyewear. Trust me, we’ve all been there.

Most of us, as much as possible, would always avoid spending our money that came from hard days of work unwisely. Hence, we always tend to search for cheaper alternatives. But you see, eyeglasses and sunglasses may just be eyewear and they may look all the same but trust me, they don’t work the same way at all. Worst case, you might be damaging your eyes by wearing those cheaper options you see from a lot of unreputable shops online.

Here at Daasoptique, we always try to make sure that we give our customers the best quality designer eyewear they will ever see online at reasonable prices. And so if you’re looking for original designer eyewear online at a less expensive price that will suit your budget, then I have good news for you! We have an ongoing sale of selected designer eyewear that you might be interested to check out.

Here are some of the best deals we have in our store.


Discount Glasses Alexander Daas

Celine 41456

From $659 down to $250 after discount. 

Celine 41456 eyeglasses are the paradigm of class with their luxurious, fashionable, and quality that is surely incomparable. The delicate black frames of these glasses will surely make you stand out above the others. With its rectangular shape, these discount glasses are best for the round and soft faces. Look smart and stylish with this minimalist specs!


Discount Glasses Alexander Daas

Cutler And Gross 1209

From $450 down to $100 after discount!

Cutler And Gross 1209 is a type of reading glasses that features a vintage rounded frame. This retro style discount glasses are perfect for people who like to spice up their eyewear game. We have added an option where you can add your desired power to make them into readers at no cost at all. Our reading glasses like Cutler And Gross 1209 feature anti-reflection coating that helps improve vision, lessen glare and reflection and reduces eye strain. Made by Cutler And Gross, a reputable luxurious British eyewear brand founded in 1969, this vintage round glasses are guaranteed high-quality and trendsetter with its unique Italian design.


Discount Glasses Alexander Daas

Tag Heuer 6042/s Polarized

From $469 down to $155 after discount!

Tag Heuer 5042/s Polarized Sunglasses with black color, red accents, and polarized gray lenses is a style designed for ultra sun coverage. Its polarized lenses will help you get sharper and clearer vision with its glare-reducing capability. With its high-quality sun protection, this discount glasses is the perfect eyewear to bring on your hiking adventures and exciting trips!


Discount Glasses Alexander Daas

KBL Diamond Rock Titanium Eyeglasses

From $450 down to $225 after discount!

Another huge steal that you should not miss from our sale is this KBL Diamond Rock Titanium Eyeglasses that is proudly made in Japan. Featuring an ultra-thin metal frame, these discount glasses are the perfect epitome of simplicity and sophistication. When we talk about durability, KBL eyeglasses are made with the best acetate frames and metal alloys, lenses that are crystal clear, scratch resistant, with UV protection, and more of the finest materials. The company has collaborated with the world’s premier eyeglasses manufacturer to bring a quality that is world class!


Discount Glasses Alexander Daas

Mattew Iris

From $417 down to $300 after discount!

Mattew Iris is a type of reading glasses and it is no doubt… A trendsetter. With its very loud and unique print, you’ll surely turn heads while wearing them. These discount glasses are the perfect pop of color to pair with a simple an all white or black everyday outfit. Its manufacturer, Mattew is a company of art. The designs of their eyeglasses are way beyond one’s imagination. This company is dedicated to preserving their purity, trendy fashion style, and above all… Their originality.

And like what we have for all of our reading glasses, we have provided an option where you can put your desired power free of charge. 



Discount Glasses Alexander Daas

Celine 41425/s Round

From $435 down to $300 after discount!

Celine 41424/s Round Sunglasses comes in a FU5 Black Havana Tortoise/W2 Grey Gradient variety. This round sunglasses, just like all Celine Sunglasses are the representation of classy, French luxurious and fashionable high-quality glasses. It features a perfect fusion of modern and retro-classic style. These discount glasses is made to have you stand out! This unique black sunglasses with an interesting pop of tortoise gradient is definitely the style to beat. You can never see such an eyewear with a surprising twist just anywhere. You might never find a discount glasses like these ever again!


Discount Glasses Alexander Daas

Dior Split 2

From $580 down to $480 after discount!

A renowned company known primarily for their women’s clothing fashion, Dior has also joined the luxurious eyewear industry. And as expected, Dior is slaying it and is taking the world by storm. And you can definitely attest to that with this cool split design sunglasses that will surely give you that retro-classical look.

Dior features an array of designs with very unique shapes, high-quality materials, and lens designs that were made to stand out! Dior’s eyewear like Dior Split 2, is very fashionable and will surely fit anyone! Don’t miss this huge deal that you won’t ever avail from others!


We want to spend our hard-earned money wisely! That is why we don’t settle for less. We settle for the best! Here at Daasoptique, you can always rest assure that we only offer original high-quality designer eyewear. So make sure not to miss out on our on-going sale! Check out more of our discount glasses here.


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