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Most Popular Sunglasses Frames of 2018

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Best glasses frames are what you are looking for? You may believe it or not, sunglasses have become essential now that our weather has become warmer. You don’t want that sunlight to bring havoc to your pretty eyes! Not just protecting your eyes, it also adds style that would make your appearance cooler than ever with the right choice of a pair! 

You want a pair of sunglasses but having a tough time choosing which style suits you? No need to worry! Here are some of the most popular sunglasses frames in 2018!



Thin-Rimmed Acetate Sunglasses Frames

Even though bold acetate sunglasses frames are still a favorite among most people, thick-rimmed glasses are already out and thin-rimmed sunglasses frames are taking over. Practical and also in trend, thin acetate frames are very durable and can be worn all day because of its lightweight build, unlike other frames that are heavier.

These acetate sunglasses frames come in many or shall we say all sizes and shapes perfect for your everyday taste of fashion. Thin acetate frames have already made its name and have been widely used worldwide. With its slim and minimalist look, even Hollywood stars love wearing these glasses frames. We have the likes of Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Samuel Jackson, and many more who really loves the style.

Glasses frames- Daas Optique

Mykita Desna

Mykita Desna Sunglasses are fashion designed from surgical stainless sheets. It has a slender acetate frame in the front and an ultra-light stainless steel temples having acetate temples at both ends. Its cat-eye frame is incredibly thinner compared to your regular cat-eye frames in the market. This sleek and slim look is what everyone is currently raving about.


Horn-Rimmed Sunglasses Frames

Even though people with afro hairdos have not been wearing this kind of sunglass frames anymore, it still is one of the most popular frames in the market. This type of frame is not only for games or fun. You can always have the lenses customized to your liking to make it more fashionable for your day to day taste.

Remember using horn-rimmed glasses because of being farsighted or nearsighted? Those days are gone. Nowadays, this eyewear style has already been popular for outdoor fashion. Now, you can rock horn-rimmed glasses not only indoor as an eyeglass frame, but also under the heat of the sun as a full-on sunglass style.

Retro Minimalist Sunglasses Frames

Retro sunglasses frames are the kind of style that will never get old. It is probably one of the most popular frame style made to date. It is always there on top when we talk about fashion especially when we talk about women’s sunglasses frames. Gone are those retro glasses with oversized frames that we first loved. Now, popular retro glasses are tailored to its beautiful and clean minimalist look.

Retro sunglasses frames this year is all about the materials having metal and the popular acetate frame fused. They also brought back the popular double bridge from the 70’s. Truly, history always repeats itself. The popular styles of the old have been brought back to life in today's modern time.

Here is one of our popular retro glasses.

Glasses Frames- Daas Optique

Moscot Glick

Moscot Glick Sunglasses are popular with its refined and unmistakably fashion-forward design. Made of thin grey acetate frame and designed with a classic keyhole bridge,  this minimalist round glasses perfectly infused vintage and contemporary design into one. Pair with anything from your wardrobe and you’re good to go!


Full-Rimmed Prescription Sunglasses Frames

If you need to correct your vision, you don’t have to wear reading glasses all the time. You can always be fashion-forward and by wearing full-rimmed prescription sunglasses that have been pretty popular this year.  Made for people who enjoy reading while under the sun, prescription sunglasses frames have been very popular this year too. Most of these glasses are made thin to make it more convenient for the users. Gone are the days when you always have to carry your eyeglasses and sunglasses at the same time. With prescription sunglasses, this allows the wearer to have clearer vision whilst getting the protection that their eyes need from the sun.

Nowadays, boring reading glasses are gone. Designers have already added an exciting fashion twist to it. You can now wear sunglasses and at the same time fix your eyesight problem. In fact, you have so many options if you want it to look fashionable with prescription sunglasses. You can either go for retro acrylic frames, or with lustrous metallic pairs. For women, you should try a bold black pair of large prescription sunglasses. It will surely make you edgier and at the same time sexy.

Glasses Frames - Daas Optique

Tag Heuer 6042/s Polarized

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck is one of the best-made sunglasses in the market right now that people love to have its lenses customized into prescription lenses. This incredible eyewear features an anti-reflection coating, also known as an anti-glare coating that provides added protection for your eyes against harsh glare from the surrounding. Having the classic color black, it is everlastingly flattering. It looks cool, classy, and will really look good on anyone. You will certainly never go wrong with black like this one!


Antique Gold Metal Wireframe Glasses

Gold is like black, it never gets out of style. Everyone appreciates antique gold glasses because it is elegant and it fits anyone. Remember when you were young and very curious about how it feels like to be an adult? As a result, we tend to sneak into our grandparent's room and wear their shoes down to the accessories. One thing that always gets our attention is their gold-colored antique glasses.

Take a look at our Garret Leight Club House 4016 Sunglasses.

Glasses Frames - Daas Optique


Are you ready to update your look with these popular frames? Check out more cool options from our whole collection here!


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