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When you have a small or petite face, it is crucial you find glasses that don’t cover your face, rather emphasize your best features, and reflect your style and personality. At Alexander Daas, we understand the problem you face when searching for a pair of stylish glasses that flatter your petite face.
The lack of glasses options for those with small faces means most people resort to buying frames that look too big for your face. Although many petite-faced people resort to children’s frames, wearing them can often result in pain.
In finding the correct size of glasses for small faces, you have to learn the size of your current frame. Simply read the numbers printed on the temples of your glasses and look for frames in the same size. You’ll know a frame fits you well when your eyes center in the frame, and the width of your face and the frame have a similar size, with the bridge sitting on your nose comfortably. You can use this general calculation for your frame size:
Frame Size = Eye size + Bridge size
Example: 45mm+23mm=68mm
  • Very narrow: less than 65mm
  • Narrow: 66mm – 67mm
  • Medium: 68mm-70mm
  • Wide: 70mm-73mm
  • Very Wide: more than 74mm
Considering your small fit, we have created a collection of glasses for petite faces. Our narrow fit frames are hands down one of your best options when it comes to glasses for small faces.
Our glasses were made to fit stylish men and women with narrow faces perfectly. From metal to acetate, you’ll find frames that will best suit not only your face but personality. You’ll also find top designer brands like Celine, Garrett Leight, Mykita, and Dior. We’ve gathered some of our best selling glasses for small faces below.

Alexander Daas Compassion

Alexander Daas - Compassion Eyeglasses - Dark Tortoise & Bright Blue - Side View

This captivating frame has a classic rectangular shape and unique color combination. Featuring a blend of dark tortoiseshell on the outside, and a prominent blue color underneath, this ultra-cool duality creates a subtle statement.

Alexander Daas Potrero

Alexander Daas - Potrero Eyeglasses - Marble Black & Grey - Side View

If you’re aiming for a geek-chic look, then your search is over with the Alexander Daas Potrero eyeglasses. Featuring round lenses, a unique keyhole bridge, and a black/grey marble print, this retro vintage style eyeglass is the perfect frame for your petite small face.

Alexander Daas St. Margherita

Alexander Daas - St. Margherita Eyeglasses - Black - Side View

They say you’ll never go wrong with a little black dress. We’ve got our own version of the little black dress, with a staple black glasses look. It’s no wonder why this classic all black frame is one of our best selling glasses for petite faces. This black frame will flatter different skin tones and different looks.

Oversized Glasses for Petite Faces

The time has come to debunk the stereotype. Oversized means “too big” with no particular measurement and size, it’s merely about what looks oversized in proportion to your face. This means oversized glasses for your small face might not be oversized for someone else.
The best way to find the right oversized glasses for small faces is to ensure a proper nose fit and right proportion to your face.
This is just a sneak look at some of our options for petite, small faces at Alexander Daas. Not only do we have our line of lenses for delicate faces (like above) but we also have some top designer brands in the industry from which you can choose.
We hope these tips have provided you with helpful information on your quest for the perfect glasses for petite faces. Remember, it’s not only about looking for small glasses, but finding the perfect shape and color that compliments your style, needs and complexion.

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If you’re unsure of what works best for you, you may want to contact us directly for inquiries and helpful tips. Our in-store stylists can help you decide and find the perfect glasses for your individual face shape.

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