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Glasses & Sunglasses For Your Face Shape | Alexander Daas

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The key to looking fabulous in glasses is to match them with your face shape. But many of us find that easier said than done with the plethora of styles and silhouettes available out there.  However, the search for the perfect eyewear shouldn’t be that hard. If you’re looking for tips on how to find the right glasses and sunglasses for your face shape, then you’re absolutely in the right place.

Aside from the general rule of creating symmetry and balance by picking a shape that contrasts your face feature, there’s actually more to it that we’re about to spill out. Read more of our helpful tips so you’ll get a new pair of glasses and sunglasses you’ll never regret!

Determine Your Face Shape

First things first, knowing the shape of your face is vital when choosing a new pair of glasses that will look perfect for you. Take a photo of yourself and using a piece of paper, outline the edges of your face from the photo. To identify your face shape, try to match the outline as either round, oblong, oval, diamond, triangle, square, or heart-shape.  We know this sounds weird but it works!

Now that you’ve identified your face shape, the road to finding the perfect eyewear for you is all set and straight! We’ve asked the experts about all the information you need to know on which glasses and sunglasses are best for your face shape. Take a look.

Glasses & Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Glasses for The Round Face

face shape Alexander Daas

Alexander Daas Soma

Round is one of the most common face shapes characterized by having soft and curvy round features and less angular points. The best glasses for your round face are frames that can minimize the round features and instead, add contour and angular shape to your look. Choose glasses that have well-defined points like rectangular glasses, cat-eye style, or square wayfarers that can add sharpness, and make your face more angular and contoured.


Glasses for Oval/Oblong Face

Oval face shapes are characterized with having a naturally balanced forehead, cheekbones, and chin. There’s pretty much no need to choose which glasses would look perfect because any type of glasses will definitely suit an oval face shaped person. The best glasses for oval shaped faces are bold and oversized cat eye or rectangular frames like Thierry Lasry Bunny.

face shape Alexander Daas

Thierry Lasry Bunny

Luckily, an oversized cat eye glasses like Thierry Lasry Bunny that has a boxy and wide shape that perfectly fits people with oval or oblong face shapes. Don’t be afraid to style and experiment with cat-eye glasses. There are lots of cool cat-eye styles in different shapes, colors, and prints that you can fearlessly.

face shape Alexander Daas

Moscot Pat

Oversized rectangular and square shaped glasses also perfectly suit with oval faces. Moscot Pat is a great choice with its classic black color, thin frame, and attractive simplicity. Trendy clear glasses like Moscot Pat directs the attention to your eyes instead of your chin making it perfect for oval and oblong face shapes. This beauty will incredibly compliment the best features of your oval or oblong face.


Glasses for The Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a broader forehead, narrow chin and jawline, then you’re most probably heart-shaped. The best tip when choosing glasses for heart face shapes is to draw the attention away from your chin and direct the focus on your eyes. Pick glasses that are wider than your forehead, have a heavier bottom and have slightly rounded edges like cat eye and clubmaster styles.

face shape Alexander Daas

Semi-rimless frame glasses like Matsuda M3022 is a great option for heart-shaped faces. The curvy browline surprisingly compliments the upper and lower part of your heart-shaped face. The thin metal rim draws the attention away from your chin, while beautifully focusing on your eyes. Also, Matsuda M3022 has a very stylish appeal and helps create a smart look perfect for both men and women.

Try to avoid glasses that have dark colors and are heavily decorated or embellished. Heavy browline frame that can emphasize the upper part of your face is also something you should not consider wearing. Opt for clubmaster styles with light and classic look.


Glasses for The Square Face

People with square face shapes are easily distinguished by their well-defined features. Having sharp and prominent forehead and jawline are common on people with square faces. To balance the angular features, try to wear frames that can soften your prominent and sharp features like Garrett Leight Clune Sunglasses.

face shape Alexander Daas

Garrett Leight Clune Sunglasses

Round glasses like Garrett Leight Clune Sunglasses that have thin frames, soft curvy edges, and neutral colors are your best choice at bringing the perfect balance to your square-shaped face. Cat eye styles and aviator glasses are also one of your best bets. But don’t ever go for rectangular or boxy frames as it can only emphasize your angular features more.



Glasses for The Diamond Face

A diamond face is considered as the rarest face shape with its features having narrow forehead and hairline, pointy chin, and prominent cheekbones. Finding the right glasses for diamond face shape is quite an easy one since it has both curvy and angular features. Cat eye, aviators, and semi-rimless glasses that can cover your cheekbones are the perfect choices for you.

face shape Alexander Daas

Mykita Mylon Sloe

Number one tip to remember if you have diamond face shape is that heavy tops glasses will always look good on you. Aviator sunglasses like Mykita Mylon Sloe that features a vintage style long bar suits diamond faces with prominent and angular features well. Cat eye glasses are also a go-to eyewear for women with diamond faces. Try to avoid wearing glasses that are too small and too rounded.


We hope these tips have helped you find the right glasses and sunglasses for your face shape. But always remember not to choose a pair of glasses based only on the rules we laid out for you. Pick the glasses that compliments your personality, a pair that you’re most comfortable at and more importantly, you’re confident wearing. Also, consider quality and durability when buying finding the right specs for you. Keep your peepers protected and supported only with high-quality glasses. You might want to check out our wide selection of premium quality glasses and sunglasses for both men and women. Shop here!

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