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How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

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Your eyesight is so important that they have to last you a lifetime, and yet you easily take them for granted. A bad and unhealthy lifestyle can cause severe strain to the eyes and can give fatal effect on your eyesight, most especially as you age. Just imagine the millions of people around the world working on a 9am-5pm shift in front of a computer screen, how do you think their eyes are suffering? An alarming number of people suffering from eye problems is significantly increasing because most of us don’t know how to keep healthy eyes in good shape. Regular and consistent proper eye care can significantly help in the prevention of poor eyesight or loss of vision.

How to keep your eyes healthy | Alexander Daas

How to keep healthy eyes? Well… the best way is to always remember not to take your eyes for granted. Today, we’ve gathered some helpful information to help you answer your questions about how to keep healthy eyes from getting damaged. Check out some tips and easy steps below on how to keep your eyes healthy.

1. Look Away From the Computer Screen

Working in front of a computer screen for long hours can cause serious eye problems like blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes, and computer vision syndrome. Computer vision syndrome is a very common type of eye fatigue that most people experience nowadays due to excessive use of mobile phones and computer. In order to lessen the effects, always take a few minutes break off of your PC in order for your eyes to rest. Make sure your light is not too dark or too bright when you’re working. Also, you may need to adjust your computer’s brightness and text size to create a comfortable working environment for your eyes.

In this modern age, if you wanna know how to keep healthy eyes in their best condition, you might want to check out the following tips to avoid computer vision syndrome:

  • Choose a relaxing and comfortable chair to achieve proper posture when working in front of a computer.
  • Keep your monitor below your eye level (your eyes should level with the top of your monitor) with at least 20-26 inches distance from your eyes allowing you to look slightly down at your computer’s screen.
  • Wear your exact prescription glasses to protect your eyes from glare coming from your computer screen. Also, make sure your prescription glasses or contact lenses are up to date and are appropriate to use when looking at a screen.
  • You can also try to avoid glare from your screen by using an anti-glare filter for your monitor.
  • Make use of the ‘20-20-20 rule’. Take a break every 20 minutes and try to focus on an object approximately 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Also, try to get up on your feet at least every 2 hours to exercise and move your body.
  • Blink more whenever you feel your eyes getting dry.
  • If in case you regularly experience eye strain or aching eyes, make sure to visit your eye doctor immediately to solve or prevent further eye damage.

2. How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy? Eat Right!

In contrast to what we believe as an old-age myth, it’s actually pretty true to say that eating carrots can help us better see in the dark. There are certain nutrients that play a significant role in helping you with your quest as to how to keep your eyes healthy. Did you know that the best way to keep a good eye health is to start with the food on your plate? Nutrients found in food such as vitamins C and E, lutein, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids help lessen your risk for age-related eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. The following are some of the best foods for eye health that you need to consume and fill your plate with to help you keep your eyes at its best condition.

  • Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale can help your eyes avoid many age-related diseases.
  • Eating foods rich in omega-3 and essential fatty acids like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and other fatty fish helps promotes optimal eye function.
  • Citrus fruits with the likes of oranges and lemons with high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants can help nourish your eyes.
  • Eggs, nuts, and other non-meat food sources for protein are also some of the best foods for eye health.

If you aren’t consuming these healthy foods yet perhaps because of a hectic lifestyle or you’re just a picky eater, consider taking supplements and multivitamins in your daily routine.

3. Wear Sunglasses Even If It Isn't That Sunny

How to Keep your eyes healthy | Alexander Daas

KBL Five to Get Ready sunglasses

If you kept away your sunglasses during cold weather days when the sun is out, well then, you’re making a huge mistake. The glare even if it is cloudy can still be harsh and damaging to the eyes. Invest in a quality pair of sunglasses like KBL Five to Get Ready sunglasses that can block 99% to 100% UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection helps prevent damage to your retina and lowers your risk of getting eye problems like cataracts. You can also opt for a wraparound sunglasses so you can protect your all the way to the sides, or polarized lenses like Salt Wooderson to help reduce glare while you take an adventurous trip outdoors.

How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy | Alexander Daas

Salt Wooderson

If you’re wearing contact lenses, add an extra layer of protection by wearing a pair of UV-protecting sunglasses too!



If you are a smoker and you keep asking yourself how to keep your eyes healthy, the answer is pretty simple, stop smoking.

Another good reason to avoid smoking addiction is for the bad effects it gives not only to the lungs but also most especially to the eyes. But if you’ve been smoking for quite some time now, then all the more reason to stop this bad addiction. Avoiding cigarettes can help you reduce your risk of eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. Studies show that smokers have triple chance of developing such severe eye problems compared to non-smokers. Smokers are more likely to develop damaged optic nerve, cataracts,  and macular degeneration to name a few. If you tried to stop your smoking addiction but failed before even starting, still, keep at it. The more times you try to stop your smoking addition, the more chances you can succeed. You can also seek help from any medical professional.

5. Get Your Eyes Checked Regularly

An annual visit to your eye doctor should be a part of your to-do list every year. Not only will this answer your question on how to keep healthy eyes from getting damaged, it will also let you know the status of your eye health and help you prevent, diagnose, and treat any eye problems at an early stage like glaucoma which has no symptoms. It’s also the perfect time to ask them yourself on how to keep your eyes healthy. They’ll most likely give you all the tips and tricks you need to know how to keep healthy eyes like yours on its perfect state all the time.

If you have a family history of eye diseases, then a regular checkup to your eye doctor will also help you keep track and lower your risk of developing such eye problems. You might wanna try the latest Smart Vision Labs Technology from selected optical shops for your next eye checkup. Trusted optical shops in LA like Alexander Daas Eyewear offer this advance and modern eye refraction exam. To know how to keep your eyes healthy, you must first check your eye health. Schedule your appointment at Alexander Daas Eyewear today by calling at this number: 323.466.4396

We hope we were able to answer your questions about how to keep your eyes healthy with the above tips and information. Practicing these helpful tips shows that you love and value your eyes. You will surely enjoy good eyesight for a very long time.

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