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The Latest Eyeglass Frames of 2018

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Looking for the trending eyeglass frames? Have you noticed how people tend to have an unexplainable rush of confidence when wearing eyeglasses? I believe it's because one's fashion plays a big role in that confidence boost. Especially when you have vision problems, being able to see things clearly by wearing a trendy and cool pair of eyeglasses can definitely add to that self-esteem.

People have different fashion style but there's one thing in common, it's our soft spot for eyewear. The style, the shape, the color, and type of eyeglasses frames will really represent each person's personality. Why? Because your fashion represents a big part of your personality and who you want to be seen. Eyewear can also change the way we look at ourselves especially when we have picked the right pair. With good pairs perfectly matched with your face shape, skin tone, and hair color, you would surely stand out!

Big and bold eyeglasses that trended last year may sometimes look too much for other people. This 2018, you will notice that designers have already slimmed down eyeglasses making them more lightweight and compact compared to the one's last year. 

Are you ready to boost your confidence with the latest eyeglasses frames of 2018? This one's for you!


  • Cat-Eye Frames

  • It's in no doubt one of the best frames ever designed! Every year this eyeglass frame will always be in the conversation of best types of designer frames especially talking about women's eyewear. Unlike before, people now love to have that minimalist look. As a result, superb designers have developed the cat eye frame glasses to the next level to fit that minimalist look that anyone will love! This step has even made the cat eye frames even harder to dethrone!

    cool sunglasses for men - Daas Optique

    Anne et Valentin U Play

    A clear cat eye frame is an alternative style that has fused the two trendiest designer eyeglass frames in the market right now.  It is more formal than the typical vintage frame and you'll be able to quickly match it with any outfit! And if ever you feel like being dramatic, you should grab a pair of oversized cat eye framed glasses! This design is a retro-classic inspired style that comes in delicate metal as well as clear artificial frames.


  • Blue Light Blocker

  • You may think this is one of those trendy eyeglass frames made purposely for fashion or style but it's not. Blue Light Blocker is made for the reason of protecting ourselves from digital eye strain. But designers made it better by adding touches of different styles to make it more fun to wear. A lot of people nowadays spend so much time in front of their computers omitting Blue light, which can harm our eyes and also affect our sleep. Blue light blockers will help you minimize the strain on your eyes caused by the digital light exposure to preserve your eyes and avoid further damage. You can have your eyes checked to know which anti-reflection glasses to buy. It's better than just go to a store and just grab any. We don't want to harm our eyes.


  • Colorful Transparent Eyeglass Frames

  • eyeglass frames - Daas Optique

    SALT Kelly

    Transparent frames still continue to gain more popularity this year. This transparent frames come in a wide variety of colors but more common having a translucent effect and a thin, lightweight framework. Simple yet stylish that will surely fit anyone and make you stand out above others


     Adding a Pop of Color to your boring Eyeglass Frames


    Latest Eyeglass Frames of 2018

    SALT Ned

    Bored with simple-designed eyeglass frames? Add some pop of color to it! It’s fun and can add up to your fashion! This year is all about trying new things just like wearing new eyeglass frames! Add those pop of colors to spice everything up!  Always remember that all colors are not for everyone. Always make sure your choice of color should always match your skin tone.


  • Unique Aviator Eyeglass Frames

  • A favorite by almost all of the eyewear enthusiasts, aviator eyeglass frames will always be one of the most well-known frames to ever exist. First known for aviator sunglasses design, aviator eyeglasses has become a trend this year and is taking the fashion industry by storm!
    Aviator glasses features a very unique contemporary style and a variety of colors that keep them in fashion talks. These glass frames can also be fused with prescription lenses that will make it more fun to wear. Aviator glasses will add up to your style that will match your facial features. If you want to look cooler in the office or at school, and you have a prescription, you match it with aviator-inspired style! It has become very popular these days, especially with celebrities wearing it! With or without prescription, aviator glasses will never be out of style.


  • Thin and Lightweight Metal Frames Eyeglasses


    eyeglass frames

    Garrett Leight Cloy

    Thin and lightweight metal eyeglass frames come in many shapes. If you want to have that intellectual and professional look, you can always go for round frames. Round glass frames will suit rectangular-shaped faces. Because of its thin and sleek design, it will surely be a good fit for anyone. It can be worn for a long time because of its lightweight feature which makes it convenient for people who wears eyeglasses all day.


    This is the time of the year when all the designs come to shore. This season has proven to have better designs both for men and women. Check out our store and don’t miss our big deals before the season ends!

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