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Popular Eyewear Trends for Millennials

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Are you wondering why millennial glasses are such a hit in the modern era? It’s simple. Millennials are all about fashion. And the millennial population is taking over the world! Did you know that Millennials actually outnumber Baby Boomers in the United States? 

Being born in a time dominated by technology, Millennials are generally described as being ‘tech-savvy’. They are more likely to follow what is currently trending in the fashion world. Being more technologically inclined in comparison with other generations, Millennials are more exposed to online shopping. And through online shopping, either with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or online stores like Amazon, Millennials can quickly shop for stylish and fashionable glasses.

Glasses have been around for hundreds of years. And over time, eyewear went from purely functional - providing good vision – to becoming a fashion statement. The design for popular young glasses went from the Pince-nez of the 17th century to the Geometric Frames of now. The blacks and browns of the past are now shades of pastel or bright, bold colors. And millennial glasses are not only designed with females in mind but with glasses for young men as well.

Today’s glasses designed for Millennials represent a colorful personality and bold attitude, often fashion forward. For Millennial gifts of if you are shopping for yourself, here are some popular glasses worth adding to your collection.

Oversized Glasses for Millennial 

Alexander Daas Portofino

Oversized frames for millennials are one of the most versatile designs. It flatters oval, heart and triangle face shapes, and can match any form of style, from boss chic to a minimalist look. It also serves as a statement piece in a monochrome outfit, for a classic modern look.



Aviator Glasses

Millennial Glasses | Daas Optique

Tavat Ace II AM001S

The design has been one of the most popular over the years. Young people who keep up with the ‘Millennial Glasses’ trend should add this piece to their collection. With a lighter and thinner design than other styles, the Aviator has made a lasting mark in the eyewear industry. Who would’ve thought that glasses developed for the protection of pilots while flying would become a staple design for eyewear enthusiasts?


Cat Eye Glasses

Millennial Glasses |  Daas Optique

Thierry Lasry Dirtymindy

The Cat Eye shape is best suited for those whose face shapes are round, triangular and square. This millennial glasses design is particularly popular among young women. The Cat Eye’s exude timelessness, versatility, and appeal, which is why this style is one of the top designs for the Millennial glasses trend. Notable wearers of this style include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor.


Rimless Glasses

Lunor Classic Rund

Invented in the 1880s, this design was highly sought after until the 1960s. Then its appeal faded. The constant shifts in fashion have brought this style of Millennial glasses back. Some consider former founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs as an influencer in this design’s growth, popularity and marketability. Rimless popular glasses are minimalistic and lightweight compared to other models. This design’s focus is more on one’s face rather than the glasses frame.

With the endless choices of eyewear today, Millennials have abundant fashion options. The rimless, oversized, cat eye and aviator styles we've mentioned are only a few of the many popular young glasses styles. Check out more trendy glasses styles and popular glasses designs from our collection of cool sunglasses and eyeglasses here.

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