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The Coolest 90's Inspired Sunglasses

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As we all know, trends come and go. But occasionally, they come back with a vengeance. And the 90's have done just that. From full fringe hairstyles to flare jeans and our very favorite... sunglasses! 90’s sunglasses are back. And they’re better than ever with edgier styles.

Taking cues from Rihanna and Bella Hadid among other celebrities, hip 90’s glasses have become more and more popular. But perhaps the most notable in the revival of the 90’s sunglasses trend is from the Kardashian family. with Kim Kardashain West and Kendall Jenner rocking their favorite 90’s glasses non-stop.

The Rise of The 90’s Sunglasses

Were you born in the 90’s but can’t remember the trend? Or perhaps you weren’t even born yet? Looking back at old photos of popular 90’s celebrities, you’ll find the likes of Gwen Stefani and Beyonce (yes, Queen Bee goes way back to the 90’s!). Their sunglasses choices are quite interesting, with colorful oversized frames and thin rims. Some even have a little bit of a futuristic Matrix-vibe like feel. But this isn’t stopping people today from becoming obsessed with the sunglasses trends of the past.

In fact, from huge Hollywood stars and models, to influencers on social media embracing the comeback, we couldn’t be more excited about the nostalgic vintage vibe these frames possess. Do you want to give the 90’s sunglasses trend a try? Let’s go back in time into the hip retro era with these fresh 90’s inspired specs.

Salt Hirschfelder

90's Sunglasses Daas Optique


Salt Tompkin

90's Sunglasses Daas Optique

90’s was the era of thin-rimmed sunglasses like the Salt Hirschfelder and Salt Tompkin. Famous 90’s celebrities and other people were crazy over retro themed sunglasses with thin metallic rims and brown lenses. Aviator shaped sunglasses were also a huge hit and could be spotted in most 90's movies. In our modern day, retro aesthetics and aviator shaped 90’s glasses from the likes of Salt Hirschfelder and Salt Tompkin are officially in.

Garrett Leight Del Rey

90's Sunglasses Daas Optique

Funky and fun, colorful transparent frames were also popular in the 90s. Particularly famous among 90’s celebrities, sunglasses like Garrett Leight Del Rey were something that you would see on almost every red carpet, featuring a cool transparent pink frame and pink-toned lens, classically known as Barbie inspired sunglasses. Remember the lyrics “I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World!?" 

Bevel Helios

90's Sunglasses Daas Optique

Another 90’s glasses style to explore is the Bevel Helios, featuring a chunky butterfly-shaped frame with a very funky print and style. If you're interested in vintage retro, instantly transform with this lens shape and print that will make you nostalgic...especially if paired with some denim on denim. Check out the Bevel Helios.

Tavat Soupcan Pantos C

90's Sunglasses Daas Optique

Thin rimmed round sunglasses were also a big hit back in the 90’s. Also known as the ‘John Lennon Sunglasses,” round sunglasses were at their peak of popularity in the 90s. You’ll see celebrities rocking them just as much as you’ll see regular folk on the streets. So if you are to embody the 90’s era, effortlessly achieve the vintage vibe you’re aiming for with a nice pair of round sunglasses like the Tavat Soupcan Pantos C. The rustic look and brown tone creates a retro feel. Pair these with attention-grabbing flared jeans and a retro printed crop top, and you’re all set for a 90’s inspired party!

Fashion evolves with time, but there are some trends we can't let go. And these 90’s glasses styles are proof of that. Join the 90’s sunglasses squad now and choose your weapon from our collection of hip sunglasses here.

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