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The Best Mirrored Sunglasses Designs

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Mirrored sunglasses have taken 2018 by storm. From famous fashion influencers to major Hollywood celebrities, they’re all on board with the mirrored sunglasses trend, and you can spot them all wearing their favorite pairs on Instagram.

If you’re considering getting the best mirrored sunglasses of 2018, here's an overview of the styles that have increased in popularity throughout the year, with options for men and women. From blue mirrored sunglasses to aviator styles, there are options for various face shapes and types.


What Are Mirrored Sunglasses?

Also called reflective sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses appear to have “mirrors” on the lens – enhanced with a reflective coating. The reflective coating picks up the light around you and decreases the amount of light passing into your glasses. Its mirroring feature gives you a brownish or gray toned-down vision. This makes them ideal for any kind of weather, from sunny beaches to glaring snow!

Did you know that mirrored sunglasses were originally designed for police officers back in the 40s? They were once called “cop shades”. But mirrored sunglasses have come a long way since their invention, and it was when John Lennon popularized this style during the 60’s that people started joining the trend. And since then they've been in high demand.

Currently, on the market, there is a range of different styles and designs for mirrored sunglasses. From colorful tints and geometric structures to classic designs, there are numerous popular options. Depending on your personal preferences, you are bound to find a pair of mirrored sunglasses that suit you.

Here are some more interesting facts about mirrored sunglasses:

  • Mirrored sunglasses are corrosion resistant
  • They feature multi-layers of antireflective coating
  • They provide 100% protection against the harsh sunlight
  • They can be an emergency vanity tool (in case you forgot your mirror!)
  • You’re easy to spot even from afar 
  • Its mirroring ability is always the same regardless of your choice of tint color

Aside from its protective ability, the mirror sunglasses of 2018 we've captured are also fashionable and can effortlessly polish your look, going beyond its protective function into an extravagant accessory. 

The Best Mirror Sunglasses of 2018

You know it’s trending when you see everyone from your friends on social media, to the passengers on the train spotted in the chicest mirrored sunglasses of 2018. Let's dive in to a list of our top selections.

Dior Sideral 2

best mirrored sunglasses daas optique

Considered by many as one of the best-mirrored sunglasses, the Dior Sideral 2 undeniably tops our list, with a unique and futuristic architecturally-inspired design. The brand’s notable reputation has landed their sunglasses on the likes of celebrities like Kris Jenner.

Matsuda M1014

best mirrored sunglasses daas optique

Scroll down your Instagram feed and you'll likely spot round mirrored sunglasses like this one from Matsuda. Round shaped lenses have been a trend for decades, but Matsuda has found a way to make them even more unique and appealing with the Matsuda M1014balancing glamour with function.

Matsuda M2015

best mirrored sunglasses daas optique

Another popular mirrored sunglasses is the Matsuda M2015. This timeless piece features a black rim and gray mirrored lenses. With its minimalistic design, it’s a great accessory that can easily give your look the pop it needs to stand out. You can wear it at an elegant event, to work, or event to a party.

Tavat Amelia EX403T

best mirrored sunglasses daas optique

Last but certainly not the least, are the blue mirrored sunglasses from Tavata. Tavat Amelia EX403T features a gorgeous shade of blue mirrored lens, with a thin gold rim and slim temples, perfectly exuding elegance and confidence. 

There are various popular mirrored sunglasses on the market, but be sure to focus on style and quality from reputable brands that are known for their excellent craftsmanship. Interested in exploring other sunglasses and eyeglasses? Click here to shop on Daas Optique.

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