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Top Sunglasses Brands of 2018

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Regardless of the season, we’re always on the lookout for new stylish sunglasses to enhance our outfits. But the search for cool sunglasses is not easy. It involves carefully checking which pairs will compliment your face, look, and personality. And because there are many great sunglasses brands (and bad ones too) available, you might even need a friend to help you select the right pair.

From teeny-tiny specs gracing the eyes of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, to classic cool frames you can rock forever, it’s hard to keep up with the continually evolving sunglasses trend. Sigh... 

What makes it even harder is the fact there are endless options of top sunglasses brands in the market right now. But naturally, not all of them are created equal. Sad to say, some are not worth your effort, time, and money. Because the search for perfect sunglasses is a never ending struggle, we want to help. Here are our top choices in sunglasses brands for 2018.


Best Sunglass Brands | Daas Optique


With laid-back and chic designs that quickly captured the hearts of many eyewear lovers around the world, Dior effortlessly joins our list of top sunglasses brands for 2018. Founded by Safilo and Christian Dior, Dior has been a popular eyewear brand for 20 years. It has dominated the industry with glamorous, sophisticated and luxurious sunglasses styles. As they say, you will always have a soft spot for Dior luxury sunglasses, not only with their already successful brand name but also with their quality and outstanding creativity.



Best Sunglass Brands Daas Optique

(Mykita Crosby)

Next on our list of best sunglass brands is a multi-award winning German brand founded in 2003, Mykita. Mykita eyewear is one of the top sunglasses brands around the world, designed with unparalleled craftsmanship and exclusivity. And they offer unique designs that are guaranteed to last a long time.



Best Sunglass Brands Daas Optique

(Moscot Lemtosh)

Next on our best sunglass brands list of 2018 is Moscot. Founded in 1915, Moscot has come a long way. They are one of the oldest brands established in New York City. The company is run by the fourth generation Moscot family, and the group is known for its high-quality classic and statement eyewear pieces. Their designs have graced the temples of big stars with the likes of James Franco and Johnny Depp. If you are on the hunt for luxury sunglasses, Moscot should be on your list of good sunglasses brands.


Oliver Peoples

Best Sunglass Brands Daas Optique

(NDG Sun)

Next on the list of good sunglasses brands is Oliver Peoples, an American eyewear brand founded in the 1980’s by Larry Leight. The brand is most notable for their chic approach to luxury, with highly detailed designs inspired by Los Angeles's unique culture. Their styles play well for a casual day time look, and can be dressed up for more elegant attire.

Garrett Leight

Best Sunglass Brands Daas Optique

(Clune 2047 Sunglasses)

Another contender in our round-up of the best sunglass brands of 2018 is Garrett Leight. Founded by Garrett Leight, son of Oliver Peoples founder Larry Leight, it’s no surprise the brand has successfully created a name in the industry with his generational talent and passion for eyewear making. Their luxury sunglasses are known for being stylish, hip, and classic, timeless no matter the season and trend, and inspired by the brand’s city of origin, California.

Alexander Daas

Top Sunglass Brands Daas Optique


Last but certainly not the least is Alexander Daas, who recognized a lack of frame choices in the market for petite faces. He initially created his eyewear collection specifically for this audience who found themselves frequently purchasing kids frames because of the lack of luxury options for adults with smaller faces. 

Alexander Daas has a strong celebrity following with actors and performers like Zendaya, Jenny McCarthy, and Micheal Keaton who have fallen in love with their eyewear designs and wear their styles on television, in movies and day-to-day. 

High quality and durable design & style are what sets these brands aside from others. If you’re looking for sunglasses that not only look great but are built to last – you’re onto a winner.  Shop here to discover your next sunglasses!

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