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Vacation Tips For Good Eye Health | Sunglasses, Eyeglasses and Contacts

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When you're heading out on vacation, whether for summer family fun or for spring break, it's so important to keep your eye health in mind. Just like how a cap can protect your head, and applying sunscreen can help protect your skin while under the sun, your eyes need that much protection too. Let’s take a look at some vacation tips to help you maintain good eye health even while traveling so that you can enjoy every memorable moment.

Good eye health Alexander Daas

Vacation Tip #1: Remember Your Eyes When Packing

Regardless of whether you wear glasses or contacts, make sure to pack an extra pair of glasses. Spare glasses are very useful for whenever your eyes need some time to take a break from contacts or in case you lose or break your glasses. If you prefer wearing contact lenses make sure you have a backup set as it might be difficult for you to find a replacement where you’re traveling. If you’re flying on a plane pack your contact solution too as cabin pressure on airplanes cause low humidity making your eyes dry and irritated. If you are flying on a long trip, eye drops will be a savior.

Keep a copy of your prescription too with this quick tip: simply save it in your google drive or email, so even if you lose your things or you forget to bring your specs, you can easily get a new pair and continue to enjoy your vacation.

Other important things you shouldn’t forget? Bring are a great pair of sunglasses and goggles!

Choose The Right Sunglasses

Good eye health Alexander Daas

Mykita + Maison Margiela

A pair of great looking sunglasses are definitely a must-have on your packing list, because protecting your eyes from the harmful UV sun rays should be your top priority when traveling to a hot destination. The best way is by wearing a great pair of sunglasses with UV protection. Wearing a pair like the Mykita + Maison Margiela  can block 100 percent of UV rays which can be essential for good eye health.

Keep in mind, dark tinted sunglasses do not always mean they can give you the good eye health you’re aiming for while under the sun. In fact, sunglasses that do not have UV protecting capabilities can trick your eyes into thinking they are protected, making them more vulnerable to the UV rays as if you are not wearing any sunglasses at all.

Good eye health Alexander Daas

SALT Reiner

You may also want to consider getting yourself a pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses like SALT Reiner don't only block UV rays but they also reduce glare allowing you to enjoy yourself all the more whilst under the sun. You can easily tell if the lenses are polarized by holding them up to the sun (or any light source) then tilting them to the side. If you see the light change, then they’re most likely polarized!

Don’t Forget Goggles!

Just like the right polarized sunglasses can support good eye health, goggles are also important in protecting your eyes under the water. Make sure you choose goggles that fit you well by providing a tight seal for your eyes against chlorine and microbes present in the water. Also, don’t forget to remove your contact lenses before swimming to avoid eye infection, too.


Vacation Tip #2: Good Foods For Good Eye Health

Aside from wearing protective eyewear like goggles and sunglasses to help you protect your eyes from damage under the sun and water, you can also achieve good eye health by nourishing and strengthening your eyes with the right foods. Another vacation tip is to pack healthy snacks on your trip. A few healthy snacks you can pack for your vacation include:

  • Foods rich in Vitamin E like nuts, almonds, walnuts, and cashews can help protect your eyes from damage.
  • Citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, and oranges that are high in vitamin C and antioxidant properties also play important roles in nourishing your eyes.
  • Foods like eggs that are high in lutein, Vitamins C and E, and zinc help reduce the risk of sight loss.
  • Root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes that are rich in beta-carotene help provide good eye health when consumed regularly!

Vacation Tip #3: See Your Eye Doctor Before You Travel

So, you’ve booked a round trip plane ticket, booked hotel accommodations and you’ve already planned your itinerary.  Your vacation is all set! But the questions is, have you scheduled your eye exam? If you are used to wearing prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses or contacts, you probably know that a great vacation would not be memorable if you couldn’t see clearly. A great way to prepare for your vacation is to ensure you have good eye health by making a stop at your eye doctor before taking off.

If your prescription glasses need to be replaced or if you are in need of an eye exam, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor before your vacation. Your prescription can change without any signs or without you noticing it, so it’s extremely important that you make sure your glasses are up-to-date before leaving for your trip. This will allow you to witness and see all the beautiful attractions and get the most out of the breathtaking views during your vacation with a crisp vision!


Bon Voyage!

We hope these vacation tips can help you protect your eyes and maintain good eye health even while you’re traveling. Setting aside a little time to make sure that your vision and eyewear are perfectly set and ready for your trip will allow you to have a fun-filled and worry-free vacation. Check out our collection of cool sunglasses to pick your stylish pair. 


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