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Just like you, we are closely monitoring new developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). The health and safety of our neighbors, customers, and employees is of the utmost importance.

We are committed to doing everything we can to make San Francisco Optics in San Francisco and ALEXANDER DAAS Opticians in Los Angeles a safe and fun experience. Good hygiene and sanitation is nothing new to us – we have always taken this seriously. Quite frankly, like Howie Mandel, I’m a bit of a germaphobe and this has always been infused into the culture of our stores.

I am in constant communication with our employees to reinforce our sanitization safety procedures in both public-facing and back-of-house areas and we are raising our usual standards of cleanliness and health safety even higher by being even more conscious and mindful of vulnerabilities. We are also creating additional opportunities for our customers who are more risk averse.

  • Private appointments for shopping or picking up your eyewear are being made available and you can book here. During your appointment, the store will be closed so that you can have it to yourself. This is an option to accommodate individuals who are needing social distancing in the current situation. Please be mindful that these are hours being added to our team’s normal working day.

  • We have online and tele-styling options to take care of your eyewear needs. Give us a call at (415) 922-7500 or email us to get the process started.

  • We have set up trays to put aside all frames that have been touched to go through proper disinfecting before being placed back on our shelves.

  • We are sanitizing our desks, chairs and other public touch points, such as door handles and knobs, at an increased frequency after being used by customers.

  • Employees are being reminded by management each day on correct hand sanitizing procedures and wash their hands constantly including after every encounter.

During this time of school closings and working from home, it’s the perfect opportunity (and distraction) for you and your kids to catch-up on your to-do list including getting your yearly eye exam and picking out new eyewear. Simultaneously, supporting your local small businesses during this time will not only help your community, but is a more risk averse option than busier and more crowded big box stores.

As always, our hope is to make it easy for you to shop and take care of your eyes when and how you’d like.

Thank you for being a loyal customer,

Alex Feldman

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