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Top 10 Best Designer Eyeglasses

Are you looking to find the bestdesigner eyeglasses before summer's here? Let Alexander Daas assist you with finding the most durable and fashionableluxury eyeglasses on the market. Our team brainstormed a list of the top 10 bestdesigner eyeglasses for you to look through before purchasing. 

  •  Alexander Daas Addison
  • The  Alexander Daas Addison designer eyewear frames are showcased in multiple colors and patterns, which you can easily style with different looks. These luxury eyeglasses are lightweight, squared frames for a perfect and comfortable fit. 

  •  Robert Marc 2004
  • The  Robert Marc 2004 luxury eyeglasses are made of fine and durable material. Made with acetate and sleek, lightweight titanium, thesedesigner eyeglassescreate an elegant and effortless look.

  •  Mykita Herko
  • The  Mykita Herko designer eyeglassesare the perfect slender, wire frame. This design is so minimalist and practical––made with lightweight stainless steel and slim acetate––you won’t even be able to feel theluxury eyeglasses on your face.

  •  Etnia Barcelona Arata
  • The  Etnia Barcelona Arata luxury eyeglassesare a bold statement piece. If you’re looking to show off, these glasses are perfect for you. Available in vibrant neon colors like yellow or a simple yet unique black and red, thesedesigner frames will always have you looking stylish. 

  •  KBL Castle Rock
  • The  KBL Castle Rock frames are the perfect neutral or browndesigner eyeglasses. Theseluxury eyeglasses capture quality and class in their frames. KBL frames are durable, handcrafted with the finest acetates and strongest metals.

  •  Blake Kuwahara Hobson
  • The Blake Kuwahara Hobson  designer eyeglasses are beautifully handcrafted and multicolored. Theseluxury eyeglasses create a modern and fun look, combining dark and light colors and are extremely durable with two infused frames. 

  •  Theirry Lasry Lonely
  • The  Thierry Lasry Lonely luxury eyewear frames are a unique shape and color. They are a rectangular frame with round lenses and squared end pieces. Thesedesigner eyeglasses highlight your nose, eyebrows, and other facial features to enhance your look. 

  •  Salt Optics Spencer 46 RX
  • The  Salt Optics Spencer46 RX come in a pale blue shade and are handcrafted in Japan. Theseluxury eyeglasses are infused with premium acetates as well as titanium. This round optical frame creates a timeless look and feel each time they are worn. 

  •  Robert Marc 800
  • The  Robert Marc 800  luxury eyeglasses are your classic and sleek acetate rectangular frame that are available in a multitude of different colors. Pick your favorite color and let our Alexander Daas opticians help you style or customize yourdesigner eyeglass frames.

  •  Lunor Classic Rund (Round)
  • The  Lunor Classic Run (Round) designer eyewearframes are funky and unique. This round lens is made from the finest materials and takes pride in their detailed craftsmanship. 

    How Alexander Daas Can Help You

    Stop by any of our locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego and check out ourluxury eyewearcollection or style yourself with our online virtual styling services. 

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