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For Fashion, Function, and More: A Luxury Eyewear Style Guide

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Luxury eyewear is all about style. Who doesn’t want the latest designer frames to show off to their friends, family, and others? This guide will explore the world of designer eyewear for those who are new to it so that everyone can get the best-looking glasses, whether for necessity or just for style. 

Designer Eyeglasses Go Beyond the Name 

The reason that people are willing to pay for luxury eyewear and designer brands isn’t just because of the brand or designer (though, yes, that’s part of it). It’s also because those pieces are crafted with excellent quality, superior durability, and a more exclusive, unique style experience. 

People can walk into any of the dozens of discount vision centers in various malls and shopping centers around the Bay Area and find the same 100-200 frames, repeated in every color and size imaginable, slightly tweaked, and some looking identical, save for the brand. That’s not what people want when they’re thinking of going with luxury glasses in San Francisco. These people want exclusivity. They want quality. They want something unique, and perhaps even one-of-a-kind. 

Fortunately, the market for designer eyewear in San Francisco is full of options for anyone who wants the best of the best. 

Choosing the Right Pair: Form, Function, Shape 

Some people could put on just about any pair of glasses and look fantastic. Then, others might spend endless days searching for a single pair that actually looks good, fits well, and delivers the style that they want. The obvious solution to this would be to go with bespoke designer eyewear that’s custom-designed just for the individual. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of existing frames from designers that are unique and offer plenty of style without a custom creation. Most frames even come in multiple colors or finishes, giving people the option to maximize their style by getting a collection of their favorites. 

For the most part, trying on glasses will tell people whether or not they are a good fit. In order to save time (and the hassle of trying on every single pair), here are some common tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the bridge isn’t too wide or narrow. Depending on the size and shape of the nose and eyes, having the wrong size bridge can make the glasses sit in the wrong spot or affect the line of vision. 
  • Oversized is stylish, but only to a point. Some designers and famous followers have gotten a bit out of hand with the creation of oversized, overstyled sunglasses and eyewear. Bigger doesn’t guarantee better, especially for those who have a smaller face. 
  • Worry less about what everyone else is buying and worry more about the right fit. Whether that’s a fit with a designer and their unique style or an actual frame that fits every detail desired, it’s going to be much easier to find the best eyewear when fit is prioritized. 
  • Thick frames can obscure the face so those with smaller faces should consider thinner frames. 
  • The material that frames are made from will impact their durability and longevity, even in the designer lineup. 
  • Consider angles and rectangular frames for round faces and round frames for oblong or heart-shaped faces. Unique shapes are available from some designers and those might just need to be tried on. For example, some glasses have one square frame and one round frame — trendy and cool, but not a look that everyone can pull off. 

It doesn’t have to be a task to find the best designer eyewear. With these things in mind, everyone should have an easier time figuring out which pair of designer eyeglasses or shades work best for their vision needs, their style, and their face.  

The Benefits of Designer Eyewear 

As discussed, there are several benefits to choosing designer eyewear from San Francisco eye doctors and retail stores. In addition to having that trendy designer name and logo, these glasses are also more durable and designed to last for several years. They come at a significantly higher cost than cookie-cutter vision center glasses, but they’re worth every penny for people who want something unique. 

Choosing designer brands means choosing better quality. People will only need to replace their glasses if they want a new design because these frames should last for plenty of years with regular care and maintenance. Premium materials and construction methods are used, which accounts for the higher cost; again, it’s not just about the designer. 

People who choose designer eyewear are also less likely to spend money on fixing, adjusting, or modifying their glasses over the years. And when something does go wrong, most include a premium lifetime warranty or some other type of coverage that ensures people aren’t stuck with serious repairs or damages to their frames. It’s all about quality and a higher caliber of style, and with the thousands of designer styles and frames out there today, it’s not hard for anyone to take advantage of these perks by choosing something better than another cheap pair of glasses. 

Take the time to check out the designer eyewear market and see what it has to offer. In a metropolitan area like San Francisco, the chances are good that there are eyeglasses out there for just about everyone.

Get Style Without Compromise 

When it comes to luxury eyewear brands offered in San Francisco, the money spent is well worth all the benefits, including the stylish, unique look that comes from choosing something more upscale than the average pair of glasses. There are several styles to choose from in the luxury market, too, allowing people to blend in, stand out, and show off the best names in designer accessories. 

Some people even buy multiple pairs of designer eyeglasses in San Francisco, allowing them to mix and match to accessorize perfectly with every outfit and mood. With the growing selection of designer brands and the popularity of glasses as a style element, it’s not going to be hard for everyone to find their own unique style. Even those who are buying designer glasses for corrective vision will find that seeing really is believing with the high-quality selection available these days. 

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