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5 Steps to Choosing the Best Luxury Eyeglasses

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Luxury eyewear brands in San Diego are not in short supply. California is a state known for its style and the people who demand a higher caliber of it. Accessories are a big part of completing a look, and since people spend a lot of time looking at each other’s faces, it would make sense that glasses or sunglasses should provide a stylish, suitable fit that not only functions but looks fashionable. 

To that end, several designer brands have created their own luxury eyewear lines, allowing San Diego residents to find some of their favorite names on shelves and websites just waiting to be tried on. Glasses can showcase personality, become a part of someone’s image, and even just allow people to show off their unique style. It seems like a lot of pressure for one single accessory, but that’s why so many people struggle to find their favorite pair. 

Here are five steps to ensure that luxury eyeglasses in San Diego are the perfect fit.

Step One: Consider Face Shape and Size

This is perhaps one of the most important considerations when choosing glasses. Frames that don’t match the face shape or size could be a bad fit, and that could detract from the style. Some general rules include:

  • Round faces are best-suited for angular shapes, such as rectangular glasses or other geometric shapes. 
  • Round, curvy glasses are a good choice for those who have more square faces because the curves contrast the angles. 
  • Diamond face shapes do well with wider styles that accent cheekbones and the forehead. 
  • Heart-shaped faces fit well with cat-eye glasses or wider top rims. 
  • Oval faces are fortunate because they can choose just about any style. Oversized or rimless frames could add a unique finesse, too. 

Consider different sizes based on how they look, but also how they fit the face. For example, choosing a pair of glasses with a wide bridge could make for a bad fit for those with a narrower nose. Ultimately, it’s best to be able to physically try the eyewear on before deciding. Virtual try-ons are better than nothing, but getting the glasses on the face is the only way to see if they look and feel like a good fit. 

Step Two: What About Colors?

Some people like bold, overstated glasses that come in a variety of colors and designs. Other people want something basic and less noticeable, or simply a style that blends in more than it stands out. Today’s market for designer eyewear offers something for both of these types of shoppers as well as everyone in between. Consider the colors that compliment the face or skin tone, as well as colors that go well with the eyes. 

Colors are more of a personal decision. Some people like to stick with neutral colors so that they don’t have to worry about clashing with outfits or other accessories. Others wear glasses that make a statement, regardless of whether they “go” with anything. Depending on what people are looking for with new glasses, this is an important consideration. 

Step Three: Lifestyle Considerations 

People who lead a more active lifestyle will want to choose durable frames that deliver comfort and performance no matter what the activity. This includes adding features like lens transition shading to turn glasses into sunglasses as soon as the sunlight hits them. It also means choosing plastic or thicker frames when there is more of a risk of hitting or damaging the glasses. 

Artists often choose funky designs, while professionals often choose modern, sleek styles that are great for the office. Customers should consider all their different lifestyle aspects in choosing the best eyewear so they don’t get broken, and they live up to the demands of their daily lives. 

Step Four: Choose the Right Material

Speaking of living up to demands, which material is best for luxury eyewear? Again, this will be a matter of personal preference and lifestyle considerations. Acetate is among the most common choices, offering a durable plastic-like finish and lightweight feel. Many people also choose metal frames because they create a polished look and make the frames disappear more into the face than thicker plastic frames. 

Finally, glasses are available in wood, offering a practical style that’s also modern and unique. Wood may require more care, but it is going to add a unique touch that will make them, and the wearer, stand out from the crowd. Feel free to weigh the pros and cons of each material to make the best decision and remember to also try on different materials to see how they fit and feel. 

Step Five: Narrow Down the Designers 

Some people might assume that they would narrow down their options based on the designer first, but that might cause someone to miss out on the perfect pair without even realizing it. Only once people have figured out the rest of the options should they consider narrowing their choices by designer. 

This is, of course, unless people go into it knowing they want a specific designer frame. For example, someone might be eager to score the newest frame from Tom Ford, or the latest modern sunglasses from Mykita. If this is a selling point (the designer), make it first on the list. Otherwise, save it for last because there are some impressive styles and designs out there that no one should overlook. 

Choosing Designer Eyewear in San Diego

When it comes to buying luxury glasses, San Diego has something for just about everyone. By taking the time to use these steps, the right pair of stylish designer frames can be found in no time at all. Take advantage of being able to try on different designs, either in-person or virtually, to ensure that you choose the best eyeglasses San Diego has to offer. 

From designer names to modern, one-of-a-kind styles, the luxury eyewear market is full of options and those options are growing with each passing day. Everyone can show off their style with luxury glasses, no matter their taste, budget, or personal preferences. 

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