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How to Choose Luxury Eyewear

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When choosing designer glasses, regardless of whether you are looking for sunglasses or eyewear in Los Angeles, you’ll have to take into account some basic qualities regarding the design of the frames and the quality of the lens.

Both of these are equally important to making you feel good and making you see good at the same time.

Weighing the Design Features of Eyewear

The design features of the eyeglasses are color, shape, size, and feel. All of these should work together to make the list of the best luxury glasses in Los Angeles. 


When looking at the frames of your new potential eyeglasses, the first thing to look at is the color. It needs to match the tone of your skin, your hair, and your eyes. Darker colors have a great effect on light skin and vice versa. If you like to wear clothes with dull colors, a screaming color on the frames of your glasses can make a great contrast. 

Moreover, depending on your personality and general style of clothing, different colors might suit you differently. If you are a colorful person, why compliment yourself with something dull? Instead, go ahead and follow your own style.


The next design aspect you need to have in mind is the shape of the glasses. They can be oval, oblong, square, or triangle. There are many different forms you could consider when choosing designer eyewear in Los Angeles. 

Pair that with great color and the right size, and you’ll get a great feel for your next pair of sunglasses or eyewear. Experts often suggest the shape of eyewear according to the form of your face, head, and hairstyle. 

Elongated faces love being paired with round eyeglass frames, while square jaws prefer thinner frames of a squarer look. 


Even if you’ve chosen the perfect form, if the shape is out of proportion, you won’t be making the best choice.  Do you want the glasses to cover most of your face or just a tiny portion around your eyes? There are gender-neutral glass options that fit most people. 

Sometimes choosing the right size can be counterintuitive. A bigger frame could look good on a smaller head and face and vice versa. It depends on the general feel of the individual. 


What matters most is that when you put on that masterpiece of glass and frame, you get a good feeling about the accessory and yourself at the same time. There are many different kinds of frames coated with textures like gold, leather, or even buffalo horn. These can add an extra touch and make you feel special when wearing one of the luxury eyewear brands in Los Angeles. 

Design Isn’t Everything; You Need High-Quality Lens

Regardless of how great the frame of eyeglasses in Los Angeles can look, if the lens isn’t top-notch quality, you shouldn’t make the mistake of buying them. Before anything else, choose a lens that fits your lifestyle. If you are using your lens to stay in front of a computer, purchase ones that are designed for that. If you are a person who loves to drive and would use your glasses for that, have that in consideration.

Put the glasses on and assess the lens. They need to be crystal clear. Also, consider an anti-reflective coating of a high grade that you can apply to the lens. Moreover, if you are spending time both inside and outside the house and you want to wear the glasses on both occasions, you could use transition lenses that react to the sunlight and dim themselves. If glare bothers you when being outside, consider a polarized lens.

Also, look for high-quality eyeglass stores that offer products with lenses from progressive lens manufacturers like Hoya, Seiko, Zeiss, or Shamir. 

What to Avoid When Looking For Luxury Eyewear?

There are many things that you need to avoid when purchasing luxury eyewear for the first time. Let’s review the tips of some of the best opticians on what to avoid when doing so.

  • Your eyes shouldn’t be a lot closer to the central bridge of the glasses than the sides. If they are, that won’t only make you look silly but will also result in the sides of the frames looking too big.
  • Your eyes shouldn’t be in the lower half of the lenses. Be advised to look for a lens and glasses that, when you put them on, your eyes stick to their center. This can be achieved with the help of an adjustable design with features like a bigger or smaller nose bridge size and adjustable nose pads.
  • Your eyes shouldn’t be on the top of the frame. That will make you look angry all the time. Not to mention, you won’t be seeing properly, as the frame will be blocking a central part of your field of view. In this case, you will need glasses with a much smaller nose bridge. 

This covers the design part. When talking about the lens, be advised to avoid lenses that don’t completely match your vision specifics. Always stick to the prescription and if you have a feeling that despite the prescription being fulfilled, you are still not getting what you need, speak with the opticians to test again.

In terms of quality, the best lenses are modifiable in many aspects, including dimming, transitions, glass thickness, and resistance to certain types of influences. It is a good idea to let the optician know what your daily life is like, and they’ll most likely give you a greatly tailored suggestion to match your needs and, most importantly, the needs of your eyes.

Final Words

Choosing luxury glasses in Los Angeles unprepared is no easy task. Knowing what kind of design you are looking for while also being aware of the lens specifics that match your eyes would greatly facilitate the task. Be advised to ask for advice from the optician in order to squeeze in extra recommendations from a professional that might make all the difference in the world.

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