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How to Choose the Best Luxury Eyewear Brands in Los Angeles

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Home to thousands of celebrities, along with plenty of the world’s richest and most famous, Los Angeles is a great place to find luxury glasses and designer eyewear of all kinds. From prescription glasses to sunglasses and even eyeglasses worn for style, LA has all the luxury brands people desire most. 

Everyone knows that choosing the best eyewear has a lot to do with style, but there’s more to it than that. With hundreds of pairs and dozens of designer labels to choose from, it’s important to find the exact right pair. Fortunately, luxury eyewear providers make it easier than ever before. Many even have online styling appointments where people can meet with a virtual eyewear stylist to hear customized recommendations on frames, based on their conversation about personal style and preferences.  

Some companies are going as far as to send people different luxury eyewear products and let them physically sample them for a period of time. After all, if someone is willing to pay a premium for these types of glasses, it’s likely that they’re more than trustworthy enough to sample products in their homes. 

Before that, of course, people have to take the time to compare the options and choose the best eyewear for their needs. This guide should make that a bit easier. 

Top Brands of Luxury Eyewear in Los Angeles

Before diving into the tips and steps to getting the perfect pair of luxury eyewear in Los Angeles, it’s helpful to get to know the leading brands available today. Designers are constantly releasing new lines of eyewear, offering a never-ending selection for people who want the best. Some of the leading brands in the Los Angeles luxury eyewear market include:

  • Akoni
  • Barton Perreira
  • Bevel
  • Garrett Leight
  • ic! Berlin
  • Lindberg
  • KBL
  • Maui Jim
  • Mykita
  • Oliver Peoples
  • Celine
  • Alexander Daas
  • Tom Ford
  • Robert Marc NYC

From sleek, modern styles to funky, fresh designs, these are the names that most people will see on designer eyewear shelves (and websites) in the Los Angeles area. And where better to find the best premium luxury eyewear than in a city full of celebrities and affluent people who demand the best in designer brands for all of their needs? Of course, this is just a sampling of what’s available. There are several other designers out there, and plenty more up-and-coming, ensuring that there will be something for everyone. 

How to Choose the Right Pair 

Style is one thing, but there are several aspects to choosing the ideal pair of eyeglasses, even with luxury brands. There are different sizes to fit different people, including luxury eyewear just for kids, believe it or not. There are also different shapes of eyewear that will complement different face shapes, as well. 

Some people have the good fortune of picking up a pair of luxury glasses and finding the perfect fit by sheer luck. Not everyone has it so easy, though. For as many lucky picks as there are, there are just as many people who are poring over how to pick the exact right pair of glasses for their face, their style, and their vision needs. 

Most people shopping for luxury glasses in Los Angeles don’t focus on a budget, but some people may have them. In any case, this is a much less important factor to consider in the luxury eyewear market. 

Anyone who wants the best in luxury eyewear should consider the brands listed above. They are all made of premium materials and designed by some of the best creative minds out there. They reflect individual style, substance, and a much more discerning taste than the average pair of glasses. 

Benefits of Choosing Luxury Eyeglasses in Los Angeles 

Some people choose designer eyewear specifically so they can sport that designer name and show off their style. Even if that’s their only concern, it definitely does the trick. People see designer eyeglasses and immediately associate people who are wearing them with being posh, probably rich, and very discerning in their style. 

Luxury eyewear is also made with higher-quality materials and therefore will last a lot longer than some budget glasses from the vision center in the mall. They’re more comfortable and, because they’re a designer style, they will essentially go with anything, from casual to upscale. Some people even buy multiple colors or designs to wear with different looks, ensuring they always look their best. 

Along with the designer styles, the quality of these glasses are much more upscale — designer brands offer better protection from UV rays than many other options out there, and the premium lenses ensure that vision is optimal at all times. When getting the best is all that matters, designer frames are the way to go. There are styles available for every desire, including those without corrective lenses for people who just want to show off their unique style. 

Designer Brands for Designer Taste

In a city like Los Angeles, having the best of everything is essential. This city is full of people looking to stand out and show off their individuality, which is where the market for luxury eyeglasses in Los Angeles comes into play. There are so many styles to choose from today that everyone should be able to find what they like. Choose one pair or choose a few, because there’s a lot out there to pick from. 

Some people even have custom luxury eyewear made for them based on their style and color preferences, increasing the value of their new glasses because they’re bespoke, which means they’re exactly perfect for the wearer and never mass-produced. Everyone deserves to have better eye protection and these top brands deliver it, along with the latest in fashionable LA style. Check out the selection of designer eyewear Los Angeles that has to offer and find the best designers and most fashion-forward styles. When it comes to eye protection with a dose of style, it’s the only way to go. 

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