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How to Protect Your Eyes While Looking Stylish

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A person’s eyes are unique. Everyone has different issues and needs for their eyes, but one thing that is universal to everyone is the need to take care of our eyes.

Eyewear in San Francisco can help folks to better care for their eyes in many ways. Foremost, eyeglasses and contacts can help the eyes to work better if there are already vision issues present.

But they can also protect the eyes and guard against eye injuries and sun damage which can lead to vision impairment. Quality eyewear in San Francisco is the best way to ensure lifelong eye health.

Understanding Sight

While everyone’s eyes are different, they are all made of the same components: cornea, iris, pupil, lens, and retina.

The cornea is the clear tissue over the eye that allows the eye to focus. The iris is the part of the eye with color, allowing people to be blue-eyed or brown-eyed. The pupil is the black circle inside the iris and is the part of the eye that lets light in.

The lens also works with the cornea to allow the eye to focus, and the retina is the nerve at the very back of the eye that sends and receives messages to the brain. The eye captures the images, and the brain translates the information. 

To see, the eye is bending light rays or refracting light across the retina. Most vision issues come down to trouble with refracting the light. All these components of the eye must work together properly, otherwise, there may be vision problems.  

Working with Vision Issues

Eyewear in San Francisco can help to correct certain vision problems by helping the eye to refract the light a little differently. This can vary depending on the type of issues at hand, and some issues may even qualify people for corrective eye surgery.

Those that have myopia (nearsightedness) can see what is close but have trouble making out the far ground. Those with hyperopia (farsightedness) can make out everything at a distance but have a harder time seeing what is close, so reading can be a challenge.

Farsightedness is quite common, and this is why many have eyewear in San Francisco. Many children also need glasses at a young age because their eyes are still developing.

Astigmatism is another eye issue that affects many. This is a hereditary issue, or it can be caused by pressure or injury to the eye. Astigmatism is caused by mismatched curves on the cornea or in the lens of the eye. Stress can also cause astigmatism, and it can worsen with age.

Getting Glasses or Contact Lenses

Luxury glasses in San Francisco can help decrease stress and strain on the eyes to prevent or decrease the effects of astigmatism.

In fact, Luxury glasses in San Francisco or any eyewear can help to correct vision by altering the curve of the light that is passing through to the retina. 

When a person is having issues with their eyes, they can visit their doctor to be referred to an eye specialist. The specialist could be an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, or an optician.

An optometrist conducts an eye exam to determine and diagnose a person’s vision issues. An ophthalmologist treats vision problems with glasses, contact lenses, or through surgery. The optician is the person who sells contact lenses and eyeglasses based on the prescription from the optometrist or ophthalmologist.

There is a huge array of luxury eyewear brands in San Francisco to choose from, so it always helps to have someone there to provide advice and answer questions. As well as eyewear for regular use, a person may also want to consider prescription sunglasses.

Protection from the Elements

Eyeglasses in San Francisco are a benefit for those who must wear them because they protect the eyes from all kinds of elements, from debris to sunlight which can do a lot of damage to the eye over time.

Particularly when playing sports, such as skiing, or if there is sand involved, eyeglasses in San Francisco can keep the eye clear to prevent the eye from being irritated or the cornea from being scratched. Getting foreign matter in the eye can also result in permanent damage.

Ultra-violet rays from the sun can also cause a lot of damage to the eyes. UV rays can bounce off water or snow and cause snow blindness, which is temporary but uncomfortable and can lead to accidents.

Less Strain and Sharper Visual Acuity

Eyeglasses in San Francisco can also help to prevent certain eye diseases that can be caused by ultraviolet light from the sun. Macular degeneration and pterygium are two issues that can affect peoples’ eyes after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Macular degeneration often affects the elderly as deteriorations happen over time of the macula in the retina, which can affect vision.

Pterygium has also been referred to as the “surfer’s eye,” and this is when a raised wedge develops on the conjunctiva that extends into the outer layer of the eye, the cornea. These benign growths can develop on either side of the eye and can cause redness, blurred vision, and irritation.

Usually, pterygium comes about as a result of foreign matter getting into the eye, whether under a contact lens or otherwise. In serious cases, pterygium can even result in vision loss if the cornea is scratched.

Both macular degeneration and pterygium can be avoided by wearing eyeglasses in San Francisco.

Plus, for those who love fashion and trends, there is plenty of designer eyewear in San Francisco to choose from!

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