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How to Select the Best Frames For Your Glasses

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With the many options available, choosing new eyeglasses can become quite overwhelming. Multiple styles, colors, and frames are available, and there is a good chance of getting confused. If you wear prescription glasses, eyewear is a part of your face and identity. Therefore, it is essential to have comfortable pair of eyeglasses that compliment your personality. Choosing frames that match your personality will always uplift your face and overall appearance.

Additionally, things like anti-reflective or anti-scratch materials bring the luxury of comfort with style. Several brands selling eyewear in San Diego combine quality with great looks. Selecting the right frame for your face and personality may seem challenging, especially if it’s your first time, but it requires just a couple of simple steps. This article will make it easier for our readers to choose glasses that complement their faces. 

Face Shape is Important 

Face shape plays a crucial role in determining an individual's right kind of glasses. Depending on the shape of your face, you should ideally heed the following ‘rules’: 

  1. Round: If you have a round face, you should go for angular frames to make your face look sharper, slimmer, and longer. Go for square or rectangular frames that define that face and balance your round features. Avoid round, rimless, small frames that will add to the roundness of your face. 
  2. Oval: The best options for people with an oval-shaped face are geometrical frames that are wider than the broadest part of the face. Those with an oval-shaped face should avoid eyewear that covers more than half of the face and interferes with the natural symmetry and balance of the face. 
  3. Square: People with square faces should choose frames that soften the angularity of their faces and sit high on their noses. Try oval or round eyeglasses to make a face look thinner. Avoid boxy or angular eyeglasses that draw attention to the angular features making a face look bulkier.
  4. Diamond: For a diamond-shaped face, frames like cat-eye and oval-shaped that sweep wider than cheekbones. Such frames uplift your cheekbones and draw attention to your delicate features. Narrow or boxy frames draw attention to your narrow features instead of enhancing them. 
  5. Heart-Shaped: For such a face shape, the best glasses will be the ones that bring out a good balance between the broadness of the forehead and the narrowness of the chin. People with heart-shaped faces should probably go for heavy bottom frames and low-set temples that add width to the narrow part of their face. Similarly, they can opt for round or square-shaped eyeglasses with curved edges that draw attention away from the broad forehead. Any styles that draw attention to the forehead should be avoided, including embellished tops or decorative temples. 

Many luxury eyewear brands in San Diego sell all these different kinds of eyeglasses suitable for different face shapes. You can simply consult a professional at the store if you want to buy eyeglasses in San Diego. The professional can give the best advice regarding the eyewear that will best fit your face shape. 

Think About Your Undertone

Just as important as the shape of your face, the undertone plays an essential role in determining which color frames look the best on your skin tone. Undertone is more important than skin color or eye color as they help people choose the color of the frame they should wear. There are two main types of undertones, and once to find out which one you are closer to, choosing eyeglasses becomes a lot easier. Here’s how this works - 

  1. Warm undertone - If someone has a yellow, bronze, or golden undertone to their skin, they have a warm complexion. They should choose colors like brown, tortoise, beige, honey, gold, and olive green. People with warm undertones should avoid contrasting colors like pastel or white. 
  2. Cool Undertone - If someone has a pink or blue undertone to their skin, they have a cool complexion. People with cool complexion should opt for black, silver, dark tortoise, purple, pink, gray, and blue frames. 

Consider Your Lifestyle 

Another important factor while buying designer eyewear in San Diego is figuring out the environment in which you will wear those glasses. Think of the kind of activities you will do while wearing them. Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you need something that does not break easily? Or do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Answer these questions in your mind to make sure that those eyeglasses are the best for the kind of lifestyle you have. Make sure to have frames that make you comfortable in your everyday routine while adding to your personality. If you wear contact lenses and are looking for glasses only for a backup, then you can consider luxury glasses in San Diego. On the other hand, if you need glasses to wear from the time you wake up until you go to bed, you must opt for something comfortable that rests on your nose and temples. 

Think About the Material You Want 

Frames come in different materials, including plastic, metal, or a combination of other materials. The kind of material determines the weight, price, and durability of the frame. Usually, metal frames are quite long-lasting with adjustable nose pads for comfort, however, they are also more expensive. Plastic frames, while being cheaper than metal ones, do not have nose pads. 

The Bottom Line 

Eyeglasses reflect the personality and the style of an individual. The kind of glasses you choose will reflect which side of your personality you want to show to the world - fun and whimsical, sophisticated and charming. More often than, people prefer to get several pairs of eyeglasses to wear on different occasions at different times. If you are looking to elevate your eye wardrobe, eyewear in San Diego is a fantastic choice. 

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