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Our Favorite 2022 Sunglasses & Eyewear Trends

Are you looking for the perfect designer sunglassesto wear throughout 2022? At Alexander Daas we carry many of the best and highly favoriteluxury eyewear andluxury sunglassesfrom the top brands. We know that choosing the rightdesigner sunglasses orluxury eyewear is essential to both looking and feeling good. That’s why we came up with our favorite 2022 sunglasses and eyewear trends along with our top picks. Choose your favorite in one of our three store locationsSan Diego,San Francisco,Los Angeles or when you check out our website!

  •  Tortoiseshell Eyewear
  • The  Alexander Daas Addison eyeglasses fully represent the tortoiseshell shape that is so popular amongst the 2022designer eyeweartrends. These vibrantluxury eyeglass frames add a pop of color to any outfit or to any place you’re in. These frames are designed to specifically be lightweight and sit evenly across your face. These are the perfectluxury eyewear frames if you’re looking for something uniquely shaped and durable with added hints of color.

  •  Retro Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses
  • Do you love classic and retro aviator sunglasses? Then you’ll love the  Tom Ford Marko Aviator FT0144 frames. These are your modern yet sleekdesigner sunglasseswith an old school and retro twist. These frames create a timeless look for the wearer and pair well with any look or for any outing. Choose from an array of different colorful shades on our website or try these luxury eyewear frames on yourself in person. 

  •  Oversized Square Eyewear
  • The  Barton Perreira Escapade luxury sunglasses are the epitome of oversized square eyewear. They perfectly capture the large look and bold feel of oversized eyeglasses which truly stand out and make an instant statement. If you’re looking to create an intense yet elegant look, then thesedesigner glasses are the best match for you this year.

  •  Metallic Eyewear
  • The  Moscot Genug eyeglasses are the perfect metallicluxury eyewear. These frames are handmade with metals and Italian acetate. These frames are lightweight and contain a key nose hole bridge to comfortably rest on your nose and face. If you want to stick with the current eyewear fashion trends, these metallicdesigner eyeglassesare the perfect choice for you. 

    How Alexander Daas Can Help You

    Come by one of our store locations inSan Diego,San Francisco, orLos Angeles to take a look at ourluxury eyewearcollection in person or style yourself with our online virtual styling services. Whether you’re looking fordesigner sunglassesorprescription eyeglasses, schedule your appointment for a vision test or eyewear styling  here, or give us a call at 858.526.3227.

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