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Where to Find the Top Luxury Eyewear

Finding the best high endluxury eyewear can be daunting, especially when you don’t know where to look for them. Of course there are malls and plazas where you can find general eyewear. However, our Alexander Daas team came up with a few of the best spots to find the topluxury eyewear this year. Whether you’re looking to get a prescription filled or want to find a new pair ofdesigner eyeglasses orluxury sunglasses, we have the perfect location spots andluxury eyewear products for you!

The Top Locations

There are many different places that you can go to get regular eyewear. However, there are specialty spots that create and carryluxury eyewear made from the highest quality materials. A few top locations are inLos Angeles,San Francisco, andSan Diego, which are also where you can stop by one of our Alexander Daas brick-and-mortarluxury eyewear boutiques. We carry name brands and high quality eyewear that you won’t find anywhere else!

The Top Brands

At Alexander Daas, we carry the topluxury eyewear brands likeBarton Perreira andMykita as well as many others. Whether you’re looking for designer sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses made from durable acetate or titanium, Alexander Daas has the perfect options and combinations for you. Some of our top brand favorites include the  Alexander Daas Izzy eyeglasses, The  Mykita Nukka eyeglasses, as well as the  Barton Perreira Domino which all come in an array of different colors or styles that pair well with any kind of look.

The Best Styles 

There are thousands of different styles to choose from when shopping forluxury eyewear. That’s why it is essential to stay up to date with the latestdesigner eyeglasstrends. Our professional Alexander Daas opticians compiled a few of the topluxury eyeglass styles of this year for you to quickly browse before making your final selections. One of the top currentdesigner eyewear styles is big, bold, and round sunglasses. That’s why we chose the  Alexander Daas California Hollywood sunglasses as our first pick. The  Thierry Lasry Snobby eyeglasses are your classic and contemporary cateye look. Theseclassic designer sunglassesallow anyone to feel elegant and sexy when wearing them. Our last top trend is of course the vibrant and chunky rectangular  Robert Marc 946 sunglasses. These glasses create a cool and sleek, modern look which pairs well with any outfit or for any occasion. 

How Alexander Daas Can Help You

Easily find the top currentluxury eyewear pieces when you let one of our highly trained opticians assist you. Stop by one of our store locations inSan Diego,San Francisco, orLos Angelesto check out ourluxury eyewearcollections or style yourself with our online virtual styling services. Whether you’re looking fordesigner sunglassesorprescription eyeglasses, our highly trained opticians can assist you with all of your luxury eyewear needs. Schedule your appointment for a vision test or eyewear stylingat one of our locations here, or give us a call at 858.526.3227.

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