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Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Glasses

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Eyewear is an important investment, especially if an individual is buying prescription glasses. Since these glasses are purchased for daily use, it is of immense significance that one picks eyewear in San Francisco with a longer lifetime and matches their style preference. San Francisco is a city with many eyewear options, designer or otherwise. Hence, it is recommended that one takes their time before choosing glasses. Here are a few things to consider before buying eyeglasses in San Francisco.

Consult an Optometrist for an Updated Prescription 

Having an up-to-date prescription is a must if one wants to look after their eye health and avoid having blurry vision or headaches. Just as one has an appointment with a dentist every once in a while, one must have an appointment with eye doctors frequently. It is always suggested to get the vision rechecked regularly, especially before buying designer eyewear in San Francisco. This is to avoid the undesirable situation where one spends a large amount of money on glasses that fail to help with clearer vision. Such appointments also allow one to avoid having other eye problems as eye appointments are thorough and check for more than just the prescriptions.

Decide How Much to Spend on Eyeglasses in San Francisco

Once the updated prescription is in hand, one must decide their budget. There are a lot of options available in San Francisco, from local markets to luxury eyewear brands. After deciding the budget, it is easy to sift through the options and only look at those that are practically affordable. This is precisely useful if one is shopping online as it allows them to filter luxury glasses in San Francisco according to one’s planned budget, making online shopping more time-effective.

Research What Kind of Frames are Suitable

What looks good on one may not look good on another. Hence, one should research what types of eyeglasses will suit their facial cut and features. The person’s  face may be:

  • heart-shaped
  • round
  • diamond-shaped
  • rectangular 
  • or Oval

Wider frames are the most suitable for people with round faces. A round face is one with a circular cut and a rounded forehead. Wide glasses create an effect that makes a face appear a bit flattened. In particular, rectangular-shaped glasses are the best for a round face as they make a face look longer and less round. 

A heart or a diamond-shaped face has strong cheekbones and a large forehead. To enhance these features, round-shaped glasses that have a wider top work best. 

Something that does not have those sharp edges for a square-shaped face will work best. The square face is very angular, especially around the jawline, so round glasses contrast nicely. 

Individuals with an oval shape have the least amount of worry when choosing eyeglasses in San Francisco, as almost all shapes of glasses suit their facial cut. Nonetheless, a pair that is symmetrical rather than round will look best.

The facial cuts mentioned are not the only ones out there. If one has a facial cut that is not as common, it is best that one shops for glasses in person, especially if one is looking at luxury eyewear brands in San Francisco. This would ensure that the glasses complement the facial shape and structure to create a desirable look.

The facial cut should not be the only determining factor when shopping for eyewear. One must also prioritize what is most compatible with one's personality and what one likes best. Also, if one is looking for reading glasses or sunglasses, one can be more experimental as they are not worn at all times.

Get Measured for Eyewear Properly

Often, people buy glasses without taking proper measurements, which results in unfit glasses. The size, be it the width or the length of the glasses, matters immensely as the size determines how nicely the glasses sit on one’s nose. Refraction or prescription of the glasses is therefore not the only thing that one needs to get measured.

Pupillary Distance, or PD, for example, is another common measurement. Pupillary distance, as the name suggests, refers to the distance between the two pupils of an individual. The lens of glasses are made according to the PD, but another thing that determines the length of the lens is whether they are intended for short-sightedness or long-sightedness.

Decide What Type of Lens or Lens Coating Will Suit One’s Lifestyle the Best

If an individual is shopping for glasses that they will be wearing every day, they may opt for a special coating on their regular lens to protect their eyes from further damage. Some lenses are more resistant to damage than others, while some can turn into shades under sunlight. 

A coating can reduce the glare or the reflection on the lens. It can also protect the eyes from the bright light of a computer or a smartphone screen. Anti-glare protection is the most common protection added to glasses to ensure that the sun rays are not harming one's eyes. With increasing digitalization, more and more people are also opting for blue light protection lenses that protect the eyes from damage caused by computer screens.


Eyewear can become a fashion statement. It can also enhance one’s facial features so that one feels more confident in their skin. Hence, one should research eyewear trends and what suits their facial cut and personality best before opting for glasses. They are also, as is mentioned above, an investment, so one should perhaps buy a pair that may be a little expensive but will last them for at least a few years. In the case of San Francisco, there are numerous eyewear brands, both luxury and otherwise, that one can shop from. 

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