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A Closer Look at Thierry Lasry

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The eyewear industry have always been flush with classic and minimal go-to eyewear designs aimed to fit our everyday lives. While there’s no harm with that, the problem arises in the lack of variety especially for those people looking for a range of styles - whether rebellious or over the top futuristic looking glasses. That was the state of the eyewear industry for the longest time, there weren’t many options to choose from until Thierry Lasry hell-bent broke the curse. As the new name in both local and international fashion press, Thierry Lasry, known as the bad boy of eyewear now ranks among the top profile talents in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at the King of trendy eyewear and his brand.

Born and raised in a creative environment, Thierry Lasry's father was an optician (creator of Harry Lary's) and his mother, a designer. Given his background, there is no question why this French designer had lots of insider knowledge and knows best how to fuse fashion and function. He started in the eyewear industry back in 2002 during the relaunch of his dad’s optical line, Harry Lary’s, which he still continues to design today. Thierry Lasry surely loves to take risks and create excitement not only apparent to his close to rockstar persona, but also to his brand’s image when he decided to launch his own brand of sunglasses in 2006.


The Thierry Lasry Brand

Thierry Lasry's eyewear collection is equally brazen as his personality. He launched his brand with the goal to create high-end and futuristic designs making sure the wearer stands out from the crowd. Known for brilliantly achieving the perfect blend of vintage inspiration with a modern, bold, and futuristic touch, he give his retro-inspired masterpieces a unique futuristic twist.

With his “back-to-the-future” motto, Thierry Lasry considered the eighties period as his key source of inspiration. The famous French designer looks back at vintage materials, images, and trends to create new designs and shapes with a unique refined and contemporary modern edge. He considers the eighties as an incredibly creative period where he took inspiration and developed his signature retro-futuristic style and started mixing vintage-inspired designs with modern avant-garde touches.

Thierry Lasry launched his brand not only with the goal of creating purely unique designs with his incredibly creative talent but also with quality in mind. The designer makes sure that all the acetate frames are entirely handcrafted with the best techniques in France and all the sunglasses in his collections are made of acetate that only come from the reputable Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli.

They say Thierry Lasry glasses are not for the timid.  And definitely, his pirate-inspired series is one example that proves that. He once designed a range of one-lensed glasses like a binge-out eye patch of a pirate but completely embedded with very tiny sparkly Swarovski crystals. That’s how unique and bold his works are. On top of that, Thierry Lasry’s product names are at a different creative level as he considers all of them his babies. He purposely named each model to end in “Y” (Orgasmy, Slutty, Sexxxy, Probably, Aristocracy, Eventually, and Gloomy to name a few ), just like the “Y” in “Thierry” and “Lasry”, his first and last name. Truly, his punkish attitude continues with his absurdly cheeky product names. Now let’s take a closer look at some of his famous designs, Shall we? 

His Designs

Thierry Lasry Eventually

Thierry Lasry Alexander Daas

Available at DaasOptique, Thierry Lasry Eventually Sunglasses are the epitome of the “Thierry Lasry twist”. This work of art features a classic retro vintage style designed with a subtle modern twist with its edgy architectural-inspired look.


Thierry Lasry Slutty

Thierry Lasry Alexander Daas

Thierry Lasry’s Slutty, on the other hand, features an all-black oversized frame designed with space-like hints of multi-colored side details, creating the signature futuristic vibe of the French designer. Be the head turner that you ought to be by owning your own pair. Get yours here.


Thierry Lasry Soapy

Thierry Lasry Alexander Daas

If you’re not a sunglass person and you prefer clear glasses (with prescription or not), then you may want to consider Soapy by Thierry Lasry. It sure looks like just the typical minimal eyeglasses at first glance, but if you try to look a little closer you’ll see the sophisticatedly unique touch of the famous French designer. The translucent pink frame, the unique bridge cut, and the cool temple style all contribute to the futuristic twist of the design. Achieve that too-cool-for-school look with these chic eyeglasses. Get yours here.

Thierry Lasry is undoubtedly the embodiment of a true innovator in the eyewear industry. Constantly pushing limits and boundaries of conventional design, Thierry Lasry is giving the industry inspiration to continuously develop a unique and artistic approach. If you’re looking for an edge, don’t hesitate to take a closer look into his designs. Check them out here.



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